Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tor Megiddo - part 5

Tor Megiddo is a harsh Desert World where life can be a constant struggle. The few remaining city domes are places of opulence and slavery. But in the wilderness freedom, starvation and madness hold sway. There is still oceans of promethium in the earth and gas drunk tribes roam the sand dunes in search for fuel, water and food.

+++ The Slipgibbets +++

Techno Barbarian tribe of desert dwelling mutants: murderous, criminal and sneaky.

From the Broken Mountains to Endcliff, across the desolate expanse of The Barrens past Windgrip, Malady and False Hope, the Slipgibbets scavenge the desert and battle with rival gangs. Always willing to stab an enemy in the back (or a friend if, needs be!).

Kastorax Tech-Wytch - a hunched and bitter monster of a man claims to have psychic powers and that he can control, repair and jinx machinery at will. His followers believe him.

Flood - second in command to Kastorax this mutant has a prehensile tentacle that his is unable to control. It seems to have a mind of it's own!

Cobalt - this desert scummer has hard scaled skin all over his back, but hides it from view.

Atlas - a towering mutant with a withered left arm. He claims carries part of an eradication ray generator, but since it doesn't work no one can really tell what it is.

Hijack - a horned mutant who carries a broken servo-skull as a totem.


The first batch of the gang is finished. I'm planning a vehicle for them next.
(The bases are as orange as I could go - I'm far to used to trying to make bases look neutral, so this was quite a stretch for me!)

Monday, 26 June 2017

Tor Megiddo - part 4

The Slipgibbets are still very WIP but they are starting to look like the dust-encrusted desert raiders I imagined.

The group:

Kastorax Tech-Wytch





The paint scheme is fairly basic so far: Black undercoat, (very light) grey zenithal spray base, Ushabti Bone drybrush, Rakarth Flesh on areas of skin, loads of washes (Agrax Earthshade, Reikland Fleshshade, Seraphim Sepia, Carroburg Crimson and Nuln Oil), then a few Pallid Wych Flesh highlights on skin and a bit of sponged-on Rhinox Hide on metalwork. I haven't done anything with the bases yet but Alexander is painting the desert scenery the table in a rusty orange, so I will base the Sligibbets in a similar way, which hopefully will contrast beautifully.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 3

Scavengers (4 loot counters)
Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda


The Skinny-men advanced into the unclaimed territory at Ancho-rage, in the Sulfured Quays. They carefully picked their way through the dimly-lit rubble and twisted ruins of the disused docklands buildings. They knew that they would be facing the Mersky Banda gang but something else was waiting for them in the darkness as well...

Newton split his gang in half, with a Heavy, a Juve and two Gangers in each group.

Mersky Banda appeared, as expected!

In the darkness a strange mechanical noise caught Oldham's attention. He turned his head slightly to see what made it but only saw a flash of movement as an insectoid metallic limb slammed into him and sent him sprawling across the platform.

Heaton Park was pinned by Mersky Banda's galvanic rifle fire.

Bowker Vale blasted Mersky Banda's Arc Rifle gunner and BarneZ, their leader, with a risky sustained high-power burst of his plasma gun. But Edge Lane was wounded by the return fire.

Heaton Park was pinned again!

Another strange mechanical sound distracted Clayton, but by now his nerves were on a razor edge and he instinctively lashed out with the stock of his lasgun. With an electronic squeal the thing withdrew into the darkness...


After game: A draw! Both sides grabbed 2 loot counters, lost a fighter out-of-action (who both recovered), and gained 2 Promethium Caches.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 2

Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda
Mission: Hit & Run (Defender)
Subplots: Lightning Strike / Hidden Cache

The Skinny-men patrolled the edge of their territory, guarding a Promethium storage tank and a stash of archeotech. They had repelled an attack already but the Cult were not the only group with designs on the Skinny-men's acquisitions.

Bowker Vale, Clayton Hall and Shaw Crompton looked after the archeotech...

...while Edge Lane and Trafford Bar watched the storage tank.

Mersky Banda infiltrated the area.

The Juves pinned down the Tech gangers with a volley of long-ranged laspistol fire.

Bowker Vale was stalked by BarneZ, the leader of Mersky Banda.

The fearsome Arc Maul did its work and Bowker went down!

Tech Ganger Beg got back up and opened fire with his Arc Rifle at the Promethium tank.

BarneZ continued his Arc Maul rampage!

Trafford Bar went down as Wallo got a bead on him with his Plasma Caliver! Edge Lane fired at Beg again and the Tech Ganger dodged but toppled off the walkway and fell into the Sludge Canal!

Newton Heath and Abraham Moss arrived at the Quays...

But it was too late: the Promethium tank exploded after being subjected to concentrated fire and the Mersky Banda gang escaped having achieved their objective.


After game: 
Heaton Park captured! (but exchanged for Promethium Cache). 
Bowker Vale died and was replaced.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Blackrocks - part 8: The Freebooter's Tower

Blackrocks is a ruined and overgrown town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark, some seven leagues from Wortbad, that has been partially rebuilt using materials from skyship-wrecks. It’s main surviving features are the Freebooter’s Tower, The Hurricane Bell and the Charybdis Occulum. All are surrounded by dense forest.

The Freebooter's Tower earned its name because it has been used by generations of sky-ship pirates as a base of operations, a storeroom and a refuge. Some crews have stayed for a day or so, some much longer. It is surrounded by the detritus of pirate occupation: the hill is littered with empty barrels and bottles.

This is another piece of scenery that was intended for a tropical island style scenery set that is no longer happening. It was finished in 2013 but it has never been used in a game! I have repainted the tower as grey-green stone and added dead grass flock and leaf litter, to match my other Harrowmark scenery for Blackrocks and Wortbad. I expect it to feature in Age of Sigmar Skirmish games in the very near future!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Blackrocks - part 7: The Charybdis Occulum

Blackrocks is a ruined and overgrown town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark that has been partially rebuilt using materials from skyship-wrecks.

In an area of Blackrocks that was once known as Stonewarden, in a clearing in the tangled forest, lies the ancient Charybdis Occulum. It is said that a mage that stands within the verdigrised sphere of the Occulum can use it's power to scry across a hundred leagues of the malignant forest and the dangerous skies above it: the mage will be able to see everything in this radius. It is not without risk but with practice and concentration they will be able to locate individual objects of value or people of interest.

~ ~ ~

The Charybdis Occulum is finished:

I've also added dead grass and fallen leaves to the Hurricane Bell:

These two pieces (and one more I'm still working on) will form the core of Blackrocks, which will be surrounded by the forests I finished last month.