Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Mapping the Harrowmark

I've started to actually map the Harrowmark. I've been thinking about mapping it since Animosity iii ended.

I have never wanted to draw all of it as that feels like it will undermine the idea of an unnatural forest that seems to go on for 10,000 leagues in every direction. And it takes away from the idea that it is easy to get lost there. I also don't want to make some things too specific, like how far apart places are, or where things are in relation to each other - both of these tend to get nailed down by maps!

But I also really enjoyed the way the Aiii map made me think about The Prime Dominion in a different way to the way I think about the Harrowmark. My worldbuilding was more holistic and more coherent, as well as more thorough.

But I had an idea this week: What if I don't draw it all on one page? What if I draw each location separately, and the pages don't meet at the edges?

By putting each location on a page of it’s own, the distance between them is elastic.

Not just in what I write, but in terms of the way it works in-universe. The characters can't predict how long a journey will take, because things "shift" in the supernatural forest.

The pages might fit together, but they don't have to. If they do fit together in many configurations, is any of them "right"?

Then it's still very possible to get lost in the Harrowmark, even with a map.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Burlok Damminsson and the Reckless Endrineers, part 3

Bodmet Stormbuster, Aetheric Navigator, is ready to join Burlok Damminson and The Reckless Endrineers. (A converted Dagni Holdenstock from Cursed City. An eBay bargain because his weapon arm was missing!)

It's like some kind of quest, for a warhammer... Soulbound (or Cursed City?) adventuring party!

Thursday, 18 November 2021

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet - The Swordfyshes, part 2

Kaptain Battendown strolled along the wharf, past moored sky-ships on one side, piled up crates and barrels, and busy harbour workers on the other. Fog rolled over the tree-tops, just below the wooden walkway. The buildings behind the wharf that were once painted in bright colours were now shabby and weather-worn. At the far end of the wharf he could see his ship, the Swordfysh, a hulking mass of heavy timbers and metal plates with a prow built for ramming.

The crew spotted him approaching and gathered at the side of the ship.

"Roight lads. We are going ashore for a spell." said Battendown, trying to sound optimistic.

The Swordfyshes looked at each other and shuffled their feet uncomfortably. One of them elbowed their neighbour who spoke up.

"This place is a dump Kap'n. Ain't there somewhere else we can go than Gallowmire?" complained Barnacle Nog.

Battendown sighed, he knew he wasn't going to be able to convince them. "Yes, it's a dump. But we need to stay here a while. I got orders from the Adm'rul."


The Swordfyshes are Ironjawz sky-ship pirates. Kaptain Battendown is unusual among his kind, as he runs his ship with the cooperation of his crew, and doesn't dominate them by threats of violence (that often). Most of the crew agree with his decisions, most of the time! Barnacle Nog is a bit of a moaner, and often the voice of the crew in any disagreements. Bilgewater and Rukbadruk both have a history of mutiny, so none of the others pay much attention to anything either of them say.

The Swordfyshes swagger about port as if they own the place, and so far no-one has told them otherwise. They are loud and boastful, and all love to tell one-another tall stories of their past victories and successes. They relish adventure and excitement and will gladly board the Swordfysh and set off through a Realmgate into skies-unknown, just to see what happens when they get there. The Swordfyshes exemplify the ideal held true by all Orruks that “Might is Right”. They claim the biggest cut of the loot, the best weapons and armour, and the best tattoos in the fleet.

As a whole they prefer to charge forward and get stuck in as quickly as possible, and they sail the Swordfysh with the same attitude. To the extent that they have reinforced the ship's prow with a massive metal ram which they like to use to plough the Swordfysh into the side of a victims' ships, then leap over the gunwales to board and fight on the enemy's deck. They have also looted some Kharadron endrins which they only use to get a burst of extra speed during ramming manoeuvres.


The Swordfyshes are mostly made from 40k Ork Nobz, the old WHFB plastic Greenskinz Orc Boss and 40k Flash Gitz, with a few assorted ork/orc/orruk bits-box parts added. Some additional greenstuff work on things like hats, bandanas, eye patches, beards, etc.

I also gave them a selection of nautical gubbins like pistols, charts, compasses, powder flasks, ropes, lanterns and telescopes. Their weapons are mostly Ogor & Orruk Brute swords with one or two Boar Boy hook-hands.

The three last Ardboyz for the Swordfyshes are:

Kaptain Battendown (and Bombard, the squig-parrot):

Mainstay Bite, first mate of the Swordfysh:

And Mr Flea the drummer:

With the Hogwashas (5 Brutes), the Adm'rul (Megaboss) and Kaptain Mogrum (Weirdnob Shaman) I now have a 600 point Ironjawz Path to Glory army!

Monday, 8 November 2021

Kommordore Deffgit and The Gloomwyrms - part 2

Orruk sky-pirates, hailing from the shadowy ports of Ulgu around the Penumbra Sea, the Gloomwyrms like to lurk in the darkness waiting for their prey to make a mistake.

The first of the Gloomwyrms completed is Kommodore Deffgit - a very old character of mine who was due a remake for AoS. He was the leader of a Mordheim warband many years ago. He was an Orc Boss in Mordheim, but I have reimagined him as an Orruk Kruleboyz Killaboss (with Reef - a little Stabgrot friend) for Warcry and AoS.

I might revisit his paintjob later to add a bit more tonal-contrast, but I'm happy enough with it for now.

I don't have any other Kruleboyz models yet, but I think 10 Gutrippas and 3 Man-Skewer Boltboyz might be a good start.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Soulblight Vampires - part 7

I got the new "Warhammer Day" Vampire model, Anasta Malkorion, and I knew I was going to have to convert it a little. I did a very simple head-swap for a Drukhari Wych's head. I also knew, because this is how my head works, she would need a small warband...

So this is Ysabette Rotshroud, Soulblight Gravelord, vampire ruler of large swathes of the Harrowmark. I imagine she lives in a dark castle on the side of a mountain overlooking the endless forests of the Harrowmark. The castle is probably filled with the faded, rotting opulence that vampires seem to prefer - the remains of a glorious past.

her followers are Otwin, a human Dreg, a living thrall of Ysabette:

And Egon Palotás, necromancer who is a mostly-loyal servant of Ysabette Rotshroud, he is accompanied by his pet rat, Warlock:

And Egon Palotás has a skeleton that acts as his lectern. Because if you could make a walking lectern to carry your massive tomb of dark, necromantic magic, why wouldn't you?

This group is very much inspired by the Mordheim Undead warband. I am going to try to make a few more skeletons as I have some bits box parts that might work, including two or three more sets of the robed legs I used for the lectern - though I don't know where they came from - and some skeleton parts from the structure of the incomplete Coven Throne that I bought for vampress parts (to make into Drukhari!) a few years ago.

More to follow soon-ish!