Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Dark Skies Over The Harrowmark - part 9 Gallowmire

The 6th piece of Gallowmire ruins for Warcry in The Harrowmark finished. 

I've combined starter set ruins with parts from the Souldrain Forest set and some bits box extras. The Awakened Wyldwood trees are lovely to build but you can't rush them. I used a lot of desktop detritus and blue tac while each joint set. The Timeworn Ruins are deliciously skull-covered. Perfect for the Realm of Death!

The leaf colours were more complex than they needed to be as I couldn't get it how I wanted it to look. The next one will be simply Wraithbone then Nazdreg Yellow. 

(This one was sprayed Greyseer, dry-brushed Wraithbone, Skeleton Horde, Nazdreg Yellow, a dry-brush of Wraithbone again, then another layer of Nazdreg Yellow, then a dry-brush of Ushabti Bone... Far too many steps!! I think the simpler version will have the same depth as this; the complex one's middle step was almost completely painting over everything previously done!)

The wooden parts were Greyseer, Goregrunter Fur, then dry-brushed with Steel Legion Drab and Ushabti Bone.

Is that a cheeky map of Lake Bykaal, left lying around?

There are still 5 more trees in the Souldrain forest kit waiting for me, along with some more ruins to combine them with.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Turnip28: The Bolyany Irregulars - part 3. The Root of All Evil

Grega concentrated. Rain dripped inside his mask but he tried not to let it distract him.The Irregulars around him spoke to each-other in low voices as they checked and rechecked their gear, adjusted their masks and tried their best to keep their handguns and powder dry.

Grega concentrated. Something was moving in the fields beyond the broken town walls. It was hard to see through the sheeting rain and swirling fog, but there were ominous shapes looming in the gloom. Moving slowly, but definitely moving.

Grega concentrated. His mind reached out into the field. He could sense the Root, malignant and angry. Bitter, twisted and hungry. A wave of hunger swept over him and he felt angry too. He tried to force his will upon the root, as he had done every harvest-time for his whole adult life; he tried to coax it into the familiar comforting forms, to make it sweeter, softer, and more palatable. But it was so angry now, it resisted.

Grega tried to concentrate. But he was furious now. The thought of all the unnecessary destruction that the war of the Burning Winter had caused. The loss. The pain. It knotted in the pit of his stomach. It twisted him too.

Smolek watched Grega struggling, shaking, straining. It was clear the Rootmancer was out of his depth. Making a crop more edible was a very different task to taming the Root, in the form it had become. This was not going to help. They needed to light the lanterns, not battle the Root with sorcery, especially when the risk to the sorcerer was so high. Grega was out of his depth.

Something was moving in the fields beyond the broken town walls. Something… big…

I made a monstrous root-thing from one of the 3 Trolls from the Hobbit, a load of bits-box horns and greenstuff.

Some additional members of the Bolyany Irregulars I made as I was still in a turnipy mood!

Paluch the lantern lighter.

Turnip Johann

Monday, 19 October 2020

Turnip28: The Bolyany Irregulars - part 2. The Root of All Evil


One of the few almost-green places along Lake Bykaal’s shores, Bolyany’s vegetable larders are fiercely protected by the natives.

Once a small farming community around a central market-town hub, Bolyany was sparsely populated but always busy, farmer’s wagons pouring into its market square every day and traders from all around the lake would come to buy produce. The root crops were withered and meagre by any standard, but still superior to any grown elsewhere around the lake. Local tribes-folk now inhabit the place, a twisted husk of what it once was but still growing some form of crop, namely blood-red sour beets and extremely large varieties of hideous turnip, and pretty much the only source of food around the lake. The sullen masked people whisper prayers to nameless gods, but mostly keep to themselves and tend to their eerie gardens

Old Growth Turnip Patches

On the other side of a tributary river from Boylany. Even without farming this land is overrun with hideously distorted and misshapen turnips. It would be impossible to grow anything else here. The farmers who gathered the crops have seen their families murdered by outsiders and are aggressive and resentful of anyone not wearing a traditional Bolyany mask.

Pool of Frozen Reflections

The faces of every mortal who has ever gazed upon this cursed pool’s waters glare upward with black, empty eyes.

The Market Square

The gated Market Square is surrounded by the largest and most ornate buildings in Bolyany, though like the rest of the village they have seen better days. Their faded opulence speaks of a time, long past, when the village was wealthy. The inner walls of the square were painted with murals of townspeople exchanging crops of turnips for fine cloth and jewelry, but the paint is blistered, peeling and weathered and it is hard to make out anything but the turnips.

The square itself is now cluttered with tangled abandoned waggons and market stalls and littered with long-rotted vegetables, the cobbled square used to be a hive of activity every day. Now it is infested with a herd of Deadwalkers, trapped among the broken waggons, aimlessly wandering back and forth.

The Lake Road

A winding dirt track that leads from Bolyany to Lake Bykaal, once the main route for outbound produce. It is pitted with holes and often flooded by rain or snow-melt waters. The mud makes journeying along the road excruciatingly hard work.

The Chapel of the Mask

A small, humble place of worship, outsiders are not welcome - especially if their faces are uncovered. The grey stone walls of the circular building are etched with frost damage and pitted with chips and cracks. The high arched stained glass windows are boarded and dark. A few candles light the interiors at all hours, maintained by the masked and robed priests.

The Sourbeet Fields

The earth is stained red with the beet-juice of a hundred crops but the hideous turnips have taken over here too.

The Bell of Nyura

A mouldy and dilapidated drinking-house with few customers near the gates to the village. It is treated as the “inn for visitors” by the locals.

The Twisted Root

A slightly less mouldy and dilapidated drinking-house, with slightly more custom. The stables behind the inn have been empty for years and are often used for late night gambling on bare-fist fights.


Another Animosity Campaigns event is coming - socially distanced (i.e. mostly online) and this time a "one-weeker", rather than a full-blown five-weeker. It will be focused on one small town on the shores of Lake Bykaal, in Shyish: The Root of All Evil

I drew the maps (above) and some of the interior art for the event pack for the campaign and I have started expanding my #Turnip28-styled Warcry warband.

First up is a civilian villager (made form Cawdor upper half and Delaque lower half and a Gloomspite Gitz Boingrot Bounder head). Smolek is a candlemaker but they have become the de facto leader of a small group of Bolyany Irregulars loyal to Kemdedaya the eel-witch.

The band will battle the Root on the streets of Bolyany on Mallusnacht and light the turnip lanterns on the homes around the broken town wall.

"Light the lanterns and put on your damn mask! The Root is coming and it's our best defense!"
- Smolek the candlemaker

A Freeguild Handgunner (made from a Flagellant with a Greatsword head and normal Freeguild Handgunner arms).

Sitek is a priest from the Chapel of the Mask. He was assigned to the Irregulars to look after their spiritual wellbeing and make sure they wear their masks. He has very little actual work to do in that regard, so he has taken up a handgun. He has become the best shot in the warband.

Next is a mixed batch of a wizard (made from an ancient, and slightly damaged, plastic Talisman wizard, from the late 90s, rescued from the bottom of a box). Grega will do his best to assist the Bolyany Irregulars through his art; powerful though somewhat unpredictable Rootmancy. He won't always actually help, and may sometimes be a severe hindrance. He is a lot shorter than Smolek, and intimidated by them.

A peasant ruffian with a spiked club (made from the Cawdor legs left over from the first civilian, an old Mordheim Militia body with a long coat, a cut-down Cawdor head, Poxwalker left leg - the Cawdor's leg was bionic! - and right arm, and a Flagellant left arm). Kloc is Smolek's apprentice. He is fiercely loyal to them, and sees battling the Root and lighting the lanterns as just another part of his job, as well as important #Bolyany traditions. He is not a fan of Grega the Rootmancer.

Another Freeguild Handgunner (more of the 6th Edition Empire Handgunners, that I also used for the first batch of the Irregulars, with assorted Empire baggage and a knight's helm).

A tiny gryph-hound (an unconverted young gryphon, from the old Empire General kit) called Ollek.

And finally a horrible monstrous root-thing (made from the parts I didn't use when I converted a Feculent Gnarlmaw into a Tree of Woe).