Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Viva La Revulushun! - part 3

Hidden in the dark corners of an Ork-held Space Hulk, revulushun ferments. The small band of back-stabbin, ambushing, run-awayin, spiteful little gits grows. They are joined by Toad, Zonk, Glump, Bunion, Stizzle and Stikk.

+ + +


Viva La Revulushun! I got a few more Rebel Grots completed last night. They are all pretty much built straight out of the box, with no changes or additions. Mainly because when I built them I had no access to my bits boxes, so the only parts I had to hand were those in the Gretchin kit!

This is the whole Rebel Grot Kill Team (so far!). I want to make 10 more Rebel Grots, including Leader and Scout Specialists. but I still have no idea how I want the specialists to look.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Harrowmark Twisted Oak - part 5, game 2

The Deluge

Rain. The Rotmoons had trudged through the forests for days now any the lashing rain had been unrelenting for most of that time. Tempers were fraying and several arguments had already broken out. The forest floor had turned to stinking mud, that pulled off boots and swallowed-up dropped gear. The Kapitán had spread his party out over a broad stretch of woods, party to widen the area they could search but mainly to stop them fighting so much. They were at greater risk from each-other than the horrible creatures that dwelled in the forest on days like this.

When the rain finally stopped and the clouds parted, horizontal orange light sliced through the tangled trees. The ground was no firmer and would not be for days, even if the rain held off, but the risk of fights breaking out within the crew was always a little lower.

El Doctoro shook his stolen Aetheric Barometer; it rattled slightly. He held it to his ear for a moment and listened to its faint clicks and whirrs. He tapped the dial then squinted into one of its crystal lenses. Finally satisfied that it was actually working he told Kapitán da Leeva where the Gravelines they were trying to follow were leading next - through a particularly swampy area of forest.

~ ~ ~

Kapitán da Leeva, Geedo and Percy Percy found the first graveline marker hidden in the undergrowth. But they didn't have time to celebrate.

Suddenly there was a deep guttural roar and Badruk and his Ironjawz Ardboyz crashed through the trees! The Kapitán cursed and swore - he had fought this band of orruks a few months before and bested them, they must have followed him somehow!

Percy Percy took the brunt of Badruk's charge but somehow managed to survive the surprise attack.

The Kapitán leapt into the fray, kutlass flashing in the evening light.

An armoured Ironjaw called Drog appeared at the Kapitán's side. Another Ardboy, Grukk, pushed through the tangled briars.

Hearing the shouts and clash of swords, El Doctoro, Deestro and Bortango hurried through the woods, toward the noise.

Bold Rikk, Pez and Dragante also answered the call.

Kapitán da Leeva used is long-earned experience of dirty fighting to bring down the Ardboyz' boss, with a crafty hack to the thigh. The Ardboyz around him took several minutes to register that their Boss was not getting up again.

While da Leeva turned on Drog, Percy Percy and Geedo tried to deal with Grukk.

Pez and Deestro moved towards the second of the stones that marked the Gravelines, next to a mausoleum.

Grukk Bigtoof and his mate came crashing through the forest. El Doctoro spotted them and prepared a magical response.

Bold Rikk came to aid Dragante as another Ironjaw approached.

As Bigtoof gathered a counter attack.

The Rotmoons found themselves in the jaws of a trap: Ironjawz on three sides!

The Kapitán saw Rezgut make his move.

Pez and Rikk tried to muscle in on the Ironjawz holding the second Graveline.

Grukk knocked down Percy Percy and hacked at the Kapitán's back.

Kapitán da Leeva turned on him in a fury and stabbed his kutlass into a gap in his armour.

Bortagno shoulder-barged into an Ironjaw while El Doctoro zapped Bigtoof with a close ranged blast of green energy.

Deestro squinted down the barrel of his pistol. The lock clicked, powder ignited with a hiss then a bang. The lead shot punched straight through Drog's armour.

The Ironjawz and Dragante's party fell upon one-another, blades clashing.

Geedo blasted Grukk with both of his heavy black powder pistols - the Ironjaw dropped like a stone.

~ ~ ~
Kapitán da Leeva looked around the darkening forest, making doubly-sure that the last of the Ironjawz were fleeing before he could relax.

El Doctoro the Shaman took a deep breath to calm the raging magical energies that threatened to overwhelm him - the presence of so many aggressive greenskinz in close proximity had generated a vast amount of power. Once the charge subsided he was able to think straight again. He aligned the Aetheric Barometer with the gravelines and studied the dials and crystal lenses - he frowned and checked again. But the readings were clear now. He knew where they had to head next, and he wasn't happy.

"Our course is set. We are bound for the Shattered Circle again, Kapitán." he said with a sigh.

~ ~ ~

Deployment: Close the Jaws (Rotmoons on Blue)
Victory: Sudden Death
Twist: Murky Swampland

Viktor played one of his NPC warbands this time, and it made for a brutal encounter. Ironjawz are more than a match for Bonesplitterz in close combat, but I pressed the advantage of my warband's longer range, and a lot of luck, to secure a win at the end of turn 3.

The Rotmoons set sail for their first Convergence...

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Viva La Revulushun! - part 2

Occupying a forgotten corner of an Ork held Space Hulk the downtrodden grots rise up under the leadership of a mouthy git who calls himself the “Red Gobbo”. Whether he is the actual Red Gobbo or not is irrelevant to his followers - there might be hundreds of Red Gobbos, all over the galaxy. Wherever he is, whoever he is, he is a symbol of hope and they follow him into the fires of revolution gladly.

+ + +

Formerly known as Stagnik Loonbagz, this Red Gobbo was a turret gunner in a Fighta-Bommer with an exceptional kill-tally. His twin-linked Big Shootas wracked up more kills than any other pilot or gunner in his skwadron.

He made the mistake of getting too proud of himself and got a bit mouthy. One day, on the return flight back to their orbiting Space Hulk, the Ork pilot of his Fighta-Bommer got fed up with him taking all the glory for kills and tried to eject him into the void of space. As he leapt from his malfunctioning turret seat, grabbed onto a stowage strap as the air inside the bommer vented into space, Stagnik realised with shock that he was not only of no value for his skills, he was actually hated for it.

+ + +

I decided to de-Christmas-ify the Red Gobbo so I could use him in Kill Team all year round. I swapped his head for a Fighta-Bommer grot turret gunner head (which triggered his back story, as I thought his fur-lined coat also looked like a WW1 fight pilot's). I also swapped his left hand for a Genestealer Neophytes power pick, with the pick-points removed, rather than the ragged Christmas tree and star.

There will be more grots on the way, including a Leader and a Scout (but I'm still not sure what to make them from).

Monday, 3 February 2020

Soulblight Vampire - part 2

Sharkan, The Fallen Knight, Soulblight Vampire from the Harrowmark.

The work in progress post is here, but this conversion is pretty much just the new "Primaris" Mephiston model and the Vampire Lord from the Zombie Dragon kit, spliced together (with a lot of cutting and a little greenstuff). I haven't thought about a backstory for him that much and I'm not sure if I will be making a warband for him, but I like the idea that he just... exists... in the background of the Harrowmark setting.