Friday, 31 May 2019

Ferrugo Pass: Tor Megiddo - part 9

The Sentinel

A transport junk-walker, with a platform added on top and lots of additional junk-armour and stowage, patrolling the dunes and rocky crags of Ferrugo Pass, Tor Megiddo.

It will be ridden by the Custodians of the Gate (who guard the entrance to the Ferrugo Pass - Para-Skitarii and armed Servitors). And maybe occasionally by Anomaly Protocol... 

In terms of rules, it will probably just be used as mobile scenery, rather than a walking tank!

Photos of the build are here.

Ferrugo Pass: Tor Megiddo - part 8 - Disrupt Supply Lines

Red dust swirled through what passed as the streets of Perishton shantytown. The few mutants and scavengers who dwelt there hid themselves away from the heat and the presence of two rival gangs: Yaike Yaike and Machine Cultists eyed each other from a distance.

Ranger Prime Daktov keyed the comms rune on his augmetic facemask three times before it activated. As a Strategic Chorister his infobanks of oracular and tactico-predictive engrams should have allowed him to ex-load optimal instructions to his comrades. But his systems were degrading and failing and the data was not complete. In a burst of distorted vox-chatter, a mix of static, binharic cant and low gothic, he passed his instructions as best he could.

Anomaly Protocol Patrol 8 spread out and took up defensive positions.


The Purebred and Anomaly Protocol had already established a rivalry, and they had only encountered each other for the first time a few days before. The Purebred's Tech-wych called on her tribe to sabotage Anomaly Protocol's attempts to collect supplies, machine parts and archaeotech components.

Almost the only locals left on the streets of Perishton were a band of Proctors; paid to suppress and contain the minor violence that often beset the desolate holesteads and prevent their already precarious existence from becoming even harder. 

And then there was Tarkloth, the Servo-Skull Collector. He wandered through the dust clouds oblivious to the danger surrounding him...

Daktov and Gudget took up position next to the first objective: barrels of precious water, and overlooking a second: a cache of archaeotech.

Tybar guarded the third objective - an archaeotech homing beacon (and tried to act casual as a Proctor passed by).

The Purebred scuttled rapidly along the walkways.

And fired upon Decima the sniper and Hastun the comms specialist, overhead. Hastun fell, injured by the hail of bullets.

Decima returned fire and took out Warfather Jax!

Gudget blasted archaeotech plasma-fire at Great Father Arun! But the beast of a man shrugged it off as if it were nothing.

One of the Proctors took a dislike to Gudget - he was not happy about the use of a plasma weapon in his holestead! He blasted the Para-Skitarii with his shotgun.

Decima concentrated long-ranged sniper fire at Great Father Arun! Eshelon the Rider galloped into the ruined structure beneath him.

Proctor Taver and Purebred Kurk exchanged fire through an alley.

The fight for the homing beacon was a stalemate - no one seemed to be able to hurt each other!

Mahela set a charge to destroy the water barrels!

Yash nursed his wounds and kept his head down.

The water barrels were destroyed!

Anomaly Protocol withdrew empty-handed.


And someone else was watching the day's events unfold...


The second game of the campaign was fought between me (Anomaly Protocol) and Viktor (The Purebred), with Rob running the NPCs (the civilian Proctors). Rob's mission was to disrupt our plans as much as possible. The Purebred had to end the game in control of the objectives (for 3vp each) or destroy them (for 1vp each). Viktor controlled one and destroyed one, (the third was contested) so he won 4:0!

Viktor's account of this adventure is here.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Graveroot Wargrove, Part 9

Fog had rolled through the forests for days and enveloped the Harrowmark in muffled silence. But the silence was broken as the fog lifted by haunting, susurrating voices which hissed threats in an unknowable tongue.

Something moved in the dark beneath the trees. Madness churned in their eyes and the very shadows twisted unnaturally. The things prowled forward slowly in staccato, jolting movements, without the graceful fluid motion of their kin.

As they charged from the tree line they screamed a nerve-tearing cacophony of terror and hate. Graveroot Spite-Revenants were a dark reflection of the other tree-folk, from Soul-Pods that grew in tainted, corrupted soil, found in the wild place of the Harrowmark that had been twisted by death and malice and hate. They were rightly feared for the cruel delight they took in granting their prey slow, lingering deaths.  

A small band of Tree-Revenants looked on from the shadows beneath the leafless branches, and worried that their bitterness and hate was contagious.

~ 🙐 ~

I have finished painting the 3 Spite-Revenants. I don't like them as much as the animal-skulled Tree-Revenants but I am still happy with them. I think they look suitably disturbing!

~ 🙐 ~

Solanix (the Shadestalker)



~ 🙐 ~

I have also individually based a few of the spare Spites from the Kurnoth Hunters kit - I'm not sure what (if anything) I will do with them in rules terms, but I just liked the idea of having a few of them running around in the background, even if they have no in-game effect.

I've painted one as well, just to see how it looks.

~ 🙐 ~

The whole Graveroot Wargrove so far (with a couple of Endless Spells for atmosphere)...

The Wargrove grows...

I only have 5 Tree-Revenants and a Kurnoth Hunter left to build and my Sylvaneth Skirmish warband will be (for now at least) finished!