Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blackrocks - part 6: The Charybdis Occulum (WIP)

Blackrocks is a ruined town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark that has been partially rebuilt using materials from shipwrecks.

This project started as a new "scenery set" for my Pirate Orruks: I had a sort of cliched "tropical desert island" look in mind when I set out. It was going to be a ruined port town in the Realm of Beasts.

Over the months (and months and months) that have gone by since I started I have changed direction with it, so now it is part of my existing Realm of Death scenery set - a ruin in the dark forests of The Harrowmark, in Shyish. My Pirate Orruks are going to be sailing flying ships over a malignant forest (a setting that owes everything to John Blanche's recent "Voodoo Forest" illustration project).

This means a much darker and more sinister paint-job was required than I had envisaged originally - lots more washes of Athonian Camoshade and Agrax Earthshade!

It's still WIP as I still have to add the dead grass flock and leaf litter that my other "Wortbad" scenery all has but the painting is complete now.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The Ogresuns explore the dark forests of the Harrowmark

With Age of Sigmar Skirmish about to drop I have been working on some more scenery for Wortbad, mainly so I can set games in different locations in The Harrowmark: By adding two more Citadel Woods to my collection I can have battles in the Voodoo Forests that surround the haunted village as well as in the streets and graveyards of Wortbad itself.

Just for fun, I have also used the Prisma app to give some photos of the Ogresuns a bit of an oil-painting feel:

Kommodore Deffgit puffed on his pipe a few times and stared off into the distance; he leant back in his chair and took a long swig from his tankard of grog and sighed.

Salty Ogbad shifted nervously while he waited for the Kommodore to remember he was there. The sun had only just risen and the sky-harbour was filled with golden light that made the dark rocks of the floating port town look almost pleasant. The Kommodore was sitting at a desk made of a wooden door on top of two large barrels, on a smaller barrel that served as a chair. In front of him were a great array of log books, charts, letters, a spyglass, a pair of heavy pistols, several empty bottles, and a discarded plate of food.

“Salty! What d’ye want?” the old Orruk finally bellowed.

“You sent for me Boss!” said Salty with the greatest of patience. “…something about a mission for the Adm’rul?”

“Ah! That’s roight. I’ve got a mission for ye, from the Adm’rul. He’s getting fed up with them Kharadrons always knowing we’re a-comin’ what with their riggers scouting about their ships all the damn time. He wants a way to deal with the blasted things before they can report back, and maybe do a bit of scouting of our own: Spot juicy prizes far off and the like.” said Deffgit. “He wants ye to go find a Wyvern.”

Salty was somewhat taken aback – this was not what he was expecting - and he struggled to hide his surprise.

“So, take a few of the lads and that small black-painted skycutter and search the little floating islands around the south of Overmyre and that.” continued Deffgit. “Here’s a good spyglass and this here is a magic chart: it was made by a legendary Kap'n what called 'imself Maddz. It’ll help you locate all the hidden an' secret places. Mind you don’t rely on it too much though, it don’t seem to be working like it used to…” the Kommodore squinted at the ancient scroll for a while.

Salty cleared his throat and the Kommodore came back to the present again. “Off ye go lad! Don’t keep the Adm’rul waitin’!” he shouted. Salty jumped and turned on his heel. He started shouting orders at the nearest Orruk Pirates to find stores for a long journey.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 7 The Finale!

The Guardian's Network - part 7: The Finale!

The Sumptreaders had two choices: attempt a rescue of Inquisitor Able Lenk, or abandon him to his fate with his old rival. In the end the choice was fairly simple - if they wanted to get paid they needed Lenk alive!

They drew up a plan to free him from captivity. The gangers armed with long ranged weapons would get into positions where they could provide covering fire and hope to pin-down Lenk's captors while the gangers with close combat gear advanced in cover to rush Inquisitor Quintus' camp en-masse

Quintus and his band had gone to ground in a ruined warehouse at the far end of the Broken Docks.

Munzo and Fishgutter watched as Cole's Heavy Bolter drops the heavy combat servitor (much to their relief!).

Lansen and Rockwell close on the camp, using the surrounding buildings as cover. Rogue Trader Balthasar is distracted by the lasgun fire from the rooftops, and doesn't even look their way.

Kasander move was about to join the fight with Lenk when lansen and Rockwell revealed themselves...

Waldo blasted Balthasar off the roof with his shotgun.

But Munzo shoots Kasander in the back!

Lenk and Quintus struggle - they both inflict wounds on each other, but Lenk gets the upper hand.

Itzhak tried to attack Lenk but Quintus bellows at him to stand down - he is determined to be the one to personally end Lenk!

Lenk fends off all of Quintus' hammer blows and manages to get his blade beneath his old foe's guard. Just as the Sumptreaders arrive to help Inquisitor Quintus goes down!


So Lenk's group win the campaign, but neither side is any closer to discovering the identity of the Guardian!

This is not the end....

Monday, 8 May 2017

The Realmgate Wardens, part 3

Elatine Jast and the Realmgate Wardens patrol the Realmgates of Shyish, checking for corrupted gates and scouting for signs of Chaos incursions. They have been in the wilds of The Harrowmark for a very long time now, only returning to the Free Cities to resupply when they have to. But they harbour a dark secret: They have been exposed to the corrupting but subtle influences of The Changer of Ways. They do their best to hide their corruption and continue their work but it is getting more difficult as the months go by...


Elatine Jast, Witch Hunter and leader of the Realmgate Wardens of Wortbad, in Shyish.

Anderton Fenn - Freeguild General

Istrum Amathyst - Collegiate Arcane Gatemage


The Wardens


They are sometimes accompanied by Torhart Shroudkin, Stormcast Eternal Lord-Relictor.