Friday, 29 July 2016

A Champion Emerges. The Season of War - Game 2

Adm'rul Kurgan swaggered from the lines of Orruk Pirates and Privateers. He stood head-and-shoulders taller than the orruks, even the Kaptains, who followed him. He hefted his huge enchanted choppa, [i]Da Kutlass[/i], on his right shoulder and casually swung [i]Deeptoof[/i], his lucky broken anchor, with his left hand. He sauntered up to the agreed meeting point, full of his usual piratical overconfidence.

He squared up to Cargo, the Ogor Tyrant, and said "So mate, you ready for dis?"

"Ready." said Cargo simply and dived at Kurgan with his massive cutlass. The Adm'rul dodged the thrust and sliced, backhanded, with da Kutlass in reply.

The two of them hacked, parried, cut, feinted, kicked, blocked and bellowed at each other for a good few minutes before the rest of their respective armies remembered they were not just there as spectators!

The Rotmoons ran toward the Grudgebreakers, the starboard watch took cover behind a rocky hill on their way.

Both the champions had landed blows on their opponents by now, and the Adm'rul was very slightly worse off than the Ogor.

Cargo seized the initiative, landed a nasty headbutt on the MegaBoss and floored him.

The orruks bellowed in rage and charged.

They fell upon Cargo with their full fury, the Kapitain, El Doctoro and the port watch all unleashed their anger at the insult.

The starboard watch ambushed the Stokers and the Sea Wizard.

As the last of the port watch fell the orruks disengaged and fell back. They had lost the battle but they retained their pride!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Surveyor: Hestor Varin

The Surveyor: Hestor Varin, archeotech prospector in the depths of the Mancunius Dome underhive. He works as part of a small team of archeotech hunters, alongside The Miner, The Assessor and The Transporter.

He carries an array of sensors, scanners and detectors and wears a heavy rad-cape that he has hand painted warding runes on to try to increase the protection it affords.

WIP shots!

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Clash of Battlelines. The Season of War - Game 1

Battleplan - Clash of Battlelines
The Rotmoons vs. The Grudgebreakers (with Devoted allies)

Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Dragante - Orruk Boss + 4 Boyz
Walta Rally - Orruk Banner + 4 Boyz
Tambor - Orruk Drummer + 4 Boyz
Mildew - Orruk + 4 Boyz
Da Fireworkz (looted cannon) - Rock Lobber
Geedo Forks - Orruk Bully


The Rotmoons gathered in small groups to raid a Venythian trading outpost on the outskirts of Greywater Fastness.

The Grudgebreakers pounced on the Rotmoons and stopped their advance!

The first wave units of the Rotmoons were wiped out!

The Rotmoons brought up reinforcements but Grudgebreakers pressed forward to engage in the Rotmoons territory.

The Rotmoons counter attacked but Grudgebreakers retained the initiative and kept pushing the privateers back.

The Grudgebreakers got into the Rotmoons territory and attacked their looted cannon. El Kapitán duelled with Gudrun!

Major Victory for the Grudgebreakers! The captains fought each other to a standstill!