Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 3

Scavengers (4 loot counters)
Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda


The Skinny-men advanced into the unclaimed territory at Ancho-rage, in the Sulfured Quays. They carefully picked their way through the dimly-lit rubble and twisted ruins of the disused docklands buildings. They knew that they would be facing the Mersky Banda gang but something else was waiting for them in the darkness as well...

Newton split his gang in half, with a Heavy, a Juve and two Gangers in each group.

Mersky Banda appeared, as expected!

In the darkness a strange mechanical noise caught Oldham's attention. He turned his head slightly to see what made it but only saw a flash of movement as an insectoid metallic limb slammed into him and sent him sprawling across the platform.

Heaton Park was pinned by Mersky Banda's galvanic rifle fire.

Bowker Vale blasted Mersky Banda's Arc Rifle gunner and BarneZ, their leader, with a risky sustained high-power burst of his plasma gun. But Edge Lane was wounded by the return fire.

Heaton Park was pinned again!

Another strange mechanical sound distracted Clayton, but by now his nerves were on a razor edge and he instinctively lashed out with the stock of his lasgun. With an electronic squeal the thing withdrew into the darkness...


After game: A draw! Both sides grabbed 2 loot counters, lost a fighter out-of-action (who both recovered), and gained 2 Promethium Caches.

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