Friday, 2 June 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 1

The Skinny-men vs. The Cult of the Divine Illumination
Mission: Hit & Run (Defender)

The Skinny-men really felt like they had hit the big time. They had been recruited by an Inquisitor as part of a local investigation. They were given (albeit temporary) Imperial Warrants and a free reign to interpret the Inquisitor’s instructions. They could not have been more wrong! They were used as human shields, as cannon fodder, and they played second fiddle to the damned Sumptreaders for the entire operation. All they got for their trouble was the hatred of other local gangs for being spies and traitors to the underhive.

They had always prided themselves on their discipline, resourcefulness and technical skills. Newton Heath ran the gang like a military unit with combat drills, comms discipline and weapon maintenance. They had hoped that serving the Inquisitor would be their ticket out of the underhive and off world.

All that was for nothing now the Inquisitors had moved on and left them behind. The ire of other local gangs had made life tougher for them and they were bitter.

That was about to change however. The Skinny-men had found an unlocked and unguarded armoured container filled with what appeared to be archeotech and they had stolen it. They stashed it’s contents around their territory. If they could find buyers they would get back to the big leagues that they had been forced out of. They would be back on top again!


The Cult of the Divine Illumination had somehow discovered one of the Skinny-men’s stashes and tried to raid it!

Oldham Mumps was on sentry duty with a couple of new recruits when the Cultists struck. He fired his grenade launcher at close range and pinned 2 Cult gangers.

The Juves, Edge Lane and Trafford Bar, pinned the Cult Magister with laspistol fire, but he recovered his wits and charged Edge Lane, who just managed to hold him off in the doorway of a ruin.

Alerted to the attack by somewhat panicked comms chatter from the Juves, Bowker Vale arrived at the scene and plasma gunned-down a Cult ganger. Trafford Bar charged the Magister to help Edge Lane.

Soon Newton Heath and Abraham Moss arrived as well but Newton’s bolt pistol ran out of ammo after his first shot! (supplies were harder to get now local traders were being pressured to raise prices for the Skinny-men).

Two Cultists got into the warehouse and started shooting the Skinny-men’s water still.

The remaining Skinny-men turned up and shot-up the Cultists but Trafford Bar killed in combat by the Magister swiftly followed by Edge Lane went down as the Cult bottled-out under heavy fire.


After game: 1 Promethium Cache each. Trafford Bar replaced.

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