Friday, 11 August 2017

Mutant Mechanicus - part 4

The Dragon

Old Boilerplate

They both got a zenithal pre-shade (Halfords) grey, over black undercoat with some semi-random areas of Mournfang Brown (hopefully the brown will add to their general worn-out, rusty and dirty appearance). dry-brushing and washes (Shades) next.

The next 5 Mutants (Vanguard) and a Mutant Enginseer are almost painted too - hopefully I'll get a chance to finish them in the next day or two.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Mutant Mechanicus - part 3

The Dragon

The first of two ancient Kastellan Robots that have both been damaged and repaired more times than anyone can remember.

Mutie Vanguard for scale. These 'Bots are really BIG!

Old Boilerplate

The second robot still needs something, but I'm not sure what yet...

Update: I think the "other" bit of cloth from the Gargant kit was what was missing!

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Harrowmark Run - part 4

Seize the Relic (An AoS Skirmish Battleplan)
Break into the Walled Garden of Morr and steal the secret hidden there while a raging magical storm closes in and surrounds the graveyard and gets closer every minute!


The Ogresuns
Kaptain Salty Ogbad - Orruk Warboss, Warding Glyph and Gem of Seeing
Dredger Zug - Orruk Boss
Dubloon Dreg - Orruk
Fetch - Orruk
Blackspot - Orruk
Nastyface - Orruk
Bad Hook - Orruk
Walker Plank - Grot
Stormy Trug - Grot

Free Companies of the Gilded Hand
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand - Battlemage on Horse
Fernando's Fancy Fencers - 5 Freeguild Swordsmen
Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen - 4 Freeguild Crossbowmen
Karol the Cuirassier - Freeguild Pistolier Outrider

(I realised I keep forgetting my artifacts and rewards, so I made some cards to remind me!)


Looking at the sun, Ogbad estimated it was midday. The sun shone but he couldn't feel it's warmth. The forest had a strange feel about it… even stranger than normal, there was a weird crackling energy in the air. Static arced from the orruk pirate's fingers when he touched the dark greyish-brown bark of the nearby trees. The dead and fallen leaves swirled in an icy breeze and for a moment seemed to form into the shape of giant leering skulls, suspended in the air, before they whirled away again.

He glanced above him at the sliver of sky visible overhead. A huge wall of purple-grey roiling cloud was gathering to the south and west. Green lightning could be seen within it and the cloudbank was moving toward them fast.

The Ogresuns quickly got within the boundary of the Walled Garden, safe from the encroaching storm within the crude, but effective, home-made protective wards and totems.

The lead elements of the Gilded Hand got into the bounds of the Garden but the slower members of the group struggled to keep up. Kalyustar blasted Dredger Zug with an Arcane Bolt - the big Orruk Boss fell flat on his face in the mud.

The Ogresuns were stunned for a moment and the Gilded Hand took advantage - they ran into the graveyard. Their mounted leaders took up a commanding position behind the relic.

The Ogresuns were rallied by Kaptain Ogbad's roared orders and they swarmed forward...

Salty Ogbad and his Kabin Grots threw themselves at Kalyustar and Karol while the rest of the crew moved to bottle up the Gilded Hand troopers in the alleyway.

As the magical storm drew closer Kalyustar wounded Ogbad but the huge Orruk Kaptain paid him back with interest!

Blackspot led the charge into the teeth of the swordsmen and fell to a volley of crossbow bolts! Badhook killed a crossbowmen's musician and Fetch killed the Fancy Fencer's musician. But the Fencers killed Nastyface in reply.

With Kalyustar out of the picture Ogbad and the Grots turned on the Outrider.

While the crew battled with the Gilded hand troopers, casualties were heavy on both sides.

The Grots were not much help beyond holding Karol up, but Ogbad took him down as the storm closed in on the walls of the Garden.

The Fancy Fencers finally broke through the Orruks' line as Badhook and Fetch fell. One of the crossbowmen fled as the slaughter got too much for him.

With the storm raging at the very gates of the Garden, only the crude wards and hexes kept it out, Kaptain Ogbad was unperturbed though, as the Freeguilders charged him he knocked them down one by one. Finally the last two crossbowmen saw sense, turned-tail and fled out into the storm.

The Ogresuns win! Salty Ogbad and Walker Plank gloat over their loot.

While the storm rages on beyond the wall...


After game:

Win! (+6 Renown)
Triumph: Heroic Saga (+1 Renown)
Saved up (3 Renown)

Added an Ogor to the warband (Mr Whalebelly) for 8 Renown.
1 Renown saved for later.

Mutant Mechanicus - part 2

In the half light of a ruined dome, deep in the wastes of the Sump, the Archeotech Prospectors cautiously picked their way over piles of fallen girders and rubble, half watching where they put their feet and half watching clusters of red-orange glowing screens of their assorted scanners, auspex and auguries.

Far ahead of the rest of the group, Hestor Varin ducked under a bent pipe that dripped rust-coloured water onto his long coat and his rad-counter clicked angrily. The symbols on his augury tumbled over themselves for a few seconds then settled: he had found site with a good probability for an archeotech artifact. He triggered his homing beacon so the rest of the group could gather round his location to protect the find. Magos Haug was the first to arrive...

Deep down in the Sump below Macnunius Dome, far from what passes as civilisation in the underhive, Magos Tyloc Greften Haug searches the dark ruins for ancient technology and knowledge. He and his growing band of followers have been down there a long, long time... far too long in fact. They have paid the price for overstaying with their flesh and their humanity. Mutation, corruption and poor quality augmetics combine to give them a cruelly misshapen appearance.

Hagel, the Librarian of Tchi'thams Library is an Adeptus Mechanicus Datasmith. Ancient and wise, he is still a force to be reckoned with as his mechanical replacement parts have been well looked after and frequently replaced. He is rarely seen beyond the Library walls, and even on those occasions he generally keeps to the surrounding districts of Mancunius Dome - Victory Station, Hanging-Ditch Abbey and the Shambles.

He ticks and whirs and in conversation he seldom seems like he is paying full attention. He often drifts away in thought for minutes at a time, sometimes mid-sentence, only to continue as if there has not been a pause. Most assume that in these moments he is lost in an internal index search or cross-referenced cataloguing (the work of the librarian continues even when he is not at his desk or wondering the shadowy bookshelf-lined halls) but this is not entirely true. He is in constant communication with the Archeotech Prospectors, directing their searches from clues discovered in ancient maps and records...

More Mutant Mechanicus on the way: Mutie Vanguard and a Mutie Enginseer: