Thursday, 27 October 2016

Watch Company Secundus, part 6

I finished painting the 2nd batch of [Watch Company Secundus last night: Chaplain, 4 Terminators, Librarian (from Dark Vengeance) and Veteran Sergeant (from Overwatch).

Brother-Chaplain Zephon

Brother-Sergeant Kerubiel

Brother-Librarian Eremal

Brother-Sergeant Grigorius


Monday, 24 October 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 2: Game 1, The Harvest of the Dead

The village was quiet.

There was no one in the street and no sign of occupancy in any of the houses. Windows were boarded up or dark. Doors were locked fast. A flock of birds shot past overhead, their dark wings breaking the silence for a few moments. The orruks looked around them as they walked. They knew that something had driven the villagers away and it was likely to still be here, lurking in the shadows somewhere. They just needed to find it...

~ ~ ~

Professor Fängmorder, Gruftbrecher the Troggoth, Witch Hunter Düster and half of the Zealots advanced along the street between the Rose & Scythe Inn and Deathwatch Hall. Ausrufer rang his bell twice, paused, rang twice again and then began tolling a doleful series of strikes.

Grimmig the Warrior-Priest-Shaman, Witch Hunter Heftig and the rest of the Zealots passed through the ruin at the back of the Rose & Scythe.

The Church of Sigmar's Retribution were searching the fallow farm when the Nachtjägers spotted them.

Deadwalkers appeared - drawn to the sounds of fighting (and bell-ringing probably).

Düster's band are the first to bring down a walking corpse.

The Witch Hunter Pieter Von Toorn leapt over a wall and attacked a group of three Walkers, slaying one of them.

Both sides withdrew as an unnatural mist crept through the rotting streets of Wortbad, a fell hand was at work here and there was not time for either warband to get distracted!

~ ~ ~

With the Deadwalker count at one each side the game ended in a draw.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Letters from the Underhive

LordIgnatiusVult and I recently did a bits exchange (organised via Instagram messages) and he included a letter, from one his characters to one of mine, with the packet of bits he sent me:

I was so impressed by the idea, I sent a reply (and even though I'd sent my package ages before they both arrived together):

(I aged both letters by swabbing them with used tea bags and drying them over a gas hob, then dripped some red and brown ink on them and dried them again. I also added the wax seals to both).

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 1: Prologue

Thunder rumbled and echoed over the distant ragged mountain peaks that surrounded Wortbad. One of the moons pierced the heavy black clouds that rolled and writhed over them and silver light picked out the tops of tangled dead trees. The woods that filled most of the land between the Evernight Peaks and the village were dark and foreboding, even in daylight, at night they were full of terrors. Horrific things prowled the winding paths between gnarled and clawing branches. Spirits of the restless dead, flesh eating creatures, ghouls, ghasts, wolves, bats, vampires and worse.

~ ~ ~

The chill Autumn wind scoured Sorrow Fen and whipped the long coats and tattered robes of the Nachtjägers. Professor Fangmorder pulled his broad brimmed hat firmly down on his head and squinted with his one good eye through a small brass spyglass. After a few minutes of studying the boarded-up doors and windows of Wortbad and noting the numerous crude wards, made of string, twigs, bones and dried flowers hung from door and window frames, he closed the spyglass with a click.

He turned to Grimming and nodded sombrely. “It is as ve feared. The willage is deserted again and looks wery much like it vas overrun by Deadwalkers recently.” he said with a heavy Harrowmark accent.

Grimmig took a long breath, as if to ready himself. The Shaman-Priest hefted his grandhammer and said “Den dere is da Holy vork of Sigmork to be done!” with fury in his eyes.

~ ~ ~

Godfather Viktor and I are about to start a five game campaign for the Halloween season. In the past we have always aimed to play a themed game to celebrate Halloween but for lots of reasons they have never happened. This year we decided to play a mini campaign over a few weeks to make sure the seasonal game takes place, even if we can't play on the 31st of October itself!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Grandfather Kurgan's Genestealer Cult, part 4

I tried to make the classic "whispering advisor" pose for my #GenestealerCult Primus.

The hand looks a little too far from his mouth but the arm looked really awkward when I tried to get it closer.

(I've done a bit of greenstuff work since taking these photos - I've added a wrist-strap to his communicator.)

Friday, 7 October 2016

Acolyte Librarians - WIP

A pair of "civilian" low-level Adeptus Mechanicus characters for the Library of Tchi'thams in Mancunius Dome, assistants to Hagel the Librarian.

There are many rumour about the mysterious and heavily fortified Tchi'thams Library. Some speculate that the tomes held within are dangerous heretical books of daemon summoning and binding, or a near-complete STC: printed on ancient yellowing paper and leather-bound. Others blithely state that they are merely ancient historical records dating from the dawn of the Imperium. Either way the local populace like to talk about it occasionally but rarely make any effort to find the truth.


One of the Acolyte Librarians has had a slight modification as I needed his open hand for another model! (I think it looked a bit weird anyway)

The model that needed his hand is here.