Monday, 12 June 2017

Blackrocks - part 8: The Freebooter's Tower

Blackrocks is a ruined and overgrown town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark, some seven leagues from Wortbad, that has been partially rebuilt using materials from skyship-wrecks. It’s main surviving features are the Freebooter’s Tower, The Hurricane Bell and the Charybdis Occulum. All are surrounded by dense forest.

The Freebooter's Tower earned its name because it has been used by generations of sky-ship pirates as a base of operations, a storeroom and a refuge. Some crews have stayed for a day or so, some much longer. It is surrounded by the detritus of pirate occupation: the hill is littered with empty barrels and bottles.

This is another piece of scenery that was intended for a tropical island style scenery set that is no longer happening. It was finished in 2013 but it has never been used in a game! I have repainted the tower as grey-green stone and added dead grass flock and leaf litter, to match my other Harrowmark scenery for Blackrocks and Wortbad. I expect it to feature in Age of Sigmar Skirmish games in the very near future!