Monday, 30 November 2015

Zombies from the Harrowmark - nearly done.

I am working on the final 6 zombies in the herd of 30, but I have been playing with a backdrop for some more atmospheric photography. It's just a video game concept art painting, printed on an A4 laser printer, a couple of inches behind the models, but I really like it. It will only work for close in shots but I will try to take some of models and scenery together, with some more interesting lighting.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Hagel, the Librarian of Tchi'thams Library

Hagel, the Librarian of Tchi'thams Library is an Adeptus Mechanicus Datasmith. Ancient and wise, he is still a force to be reckoned with as his mechanical replacement parts have been well looked after and frequently replaced. He is rarely seen beyond the Library walls, and even on those occasions he generally keeps to the surrounding districts of Mancunius Dome - Victory Station, Hanging-Ditch Abbey and The Shambles.

He ticks and whirs and in conversation he seldom seems like he is paying full attention. He often drifts away in thought for minutes at a time, sometimes mid-sentence, only to continue as if there has not been a pause. In these moments he is lost in an internal index search or cross-referenced cataloguing - the work of the librarian continues even when he is not at his desk or wondering the shadowy bookshelf-lined halls.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

City of Thorns - part 8 - Ace of Crows

This game was played using the "Hold or Die" Battleplan  with me as the defender, as I had 1 campaign point to Viktor's 3 points.

Viktor was allowed a force one third bigger than me (my 15 models to his 20). One third of my force started on table and Viktor only had to wipe them out to win a major victory. The rest of my force would come on turn 2, from my choice of table edge. I took first turn and used the Battleplan special Command Ability: All Out Defence (basically "Go To Ground" from 40k) on my tiny group. You can't move but get a re-roll to all your saves, you can still shoot and cast spells.


Dogear the Shaman and four Arrer Boyz of the Underhogz crouched in the Wildwood, watching the Duardin and their allies form up around them. Slayers and Gudrun the Duardin Lord to the north-east, Quarrellers to the north-west, the Warrior Priest and Pirate Captain to the south-west. They all closed in on the greenskins and started firing. One Arrer Boy went down.

A Wildwood appeared between the Quarrellers and the Orcs, a Slayer and a Quarreller were killed by the corruption of Nurgle.

The Pirate Captain charged into the Wildwood and cut down two more Arrer Boyz (the last one fled), the Shaman counter attacked and wounded the Pirate.

The Lurkerz, Warboss Dregtoof and Spitlock arrived close behind the Warrior Priest and charged. The Priest fell to the combined might of Warboss and Boyz. Spitlock charged the Pirate Captain.

Another Wildwood appeared, this time behind a rocky hill to the south-west, far from the fighting.

Dogear cast Gaze of Mork, but it was unbound. Then he used the Moonstone of the Hidden Ways (that the Orcs had found in an earlier adventure) to slip away, moving secretly from the central Wildwood to the distant hidden one!

Spitlock smashed the Pirate Captain to the ground while Dregtoof and the Lurkerz fought the Quarrellers and slaughtered the Celestial Wizard.

The generals clashed in the Wildwood and wounded each other, the Slayers finished of the Orc Warboss. Spitlock attacked the Slayers and took out several with his Slaughter Choppa.

There was very little left of the Duardin force but the Orcs had only lost the four Arrer Boyz and the Warboss! Critically the Orc's starting force had a survivor - the hidden Shaman.


(A minor) Victory was mine!!

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Nachtjägers - Orc Witch Hunters

Hailing from the dark forests of The Harrowmark in Shyish, the Realm of Death, and working mostly at night, this small band of eccentric Orcs have dedicated their lives to eradicating the agents of the dark powers.

The Nachtjägers are drawn to abandoned graveyards, dark forest clearings, deserted villages and ruined castles to stalk their prey. They follow up any reports of supernatural activity and mercilessly exterminate any unnatural creatures they discover. They make a habit of breaking into crypts and mausoleums to root-out the foul beasts that inevitably lurk there.

“Professor” Fängmorder and his warband are unusual for Orcs being of dour and sombre demeanour. They take their chosen path very seriously and never seem to laugh or joke or even take much pleasure in what they do. Like all Orcs they are deeply superstitious but they do not fear the signs of bad luck they see in everyday life, but search for them and use them as guides to lead them to their preferred enemy.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

City of Thorns - part 7 - Bridges Burning

Dregtoof looked around the silent valley. He had been sure that Dogear and the Underhogz Arrer Boyz knew that this Realmgate was the agreed meeting point. The Shaman’s dreams had been clear that this was where the pirate Duardin were going to try to sneak into the Carrionthorn Forest. The Orc Warboss couldn’t understand why they still hadn’t turned up and his irritation levels increased steadily as the minutes passed. The Shaman was the one who said this Realmgate needed to be broken and his magic was the best weapon to smash the ancient stones.

When the Duardin started coming through the gate he was left with no choice - he had to attack now and try to break the gate the old fashioned way: with brute force.

The Lurkerz made an absolute hash of their attack against the Warrior Priest, who was promptly reinforced by the Pirate Captain and Ogor. The Duardin Slayers attacked Clubfoot and Dregtoof and even though Dregtoof callously used Clubfoot as a shield the tide of hairy rage swept both of them away.

The Lurkerz tried to push past the pirates to get to the Realmgate, a few succeeded but none of them managed to even chip the stonework.

In no time at all there weren’t any orcs left in the valley. Even if Dogear had arrived then he would not have hung around with so many pirates in the area, and more coming through the gate.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Zombies from the Harrowmark shamble into town

First 5 zombies are done (these were quick as they were just a re-base):

The next batch of 7 have been painted and varnished and just need the sand on their bases painted to be completed. Photos of them soon.

Update 18th November:

7 more zombies completed:

Here is the full zombie-paint recipe:
  • Prep:
    - Mournfang Brown spray basecoat over black undercoat.
  • Base coats:
    - Flesh: Rotting Flesh, Clothes: some randomly coloured with earthy tones, most left Mournfang Brown.
    - Weapons and other metals: Tin Bitz base with Ironbreaker layer.
    - Gore: Khorne Red.
  • Shade:
    - Washed all over with Agrax Earthshade, rotten bits washed with Athonian Camoshade, wounds and gore washed with Carroburg Crimson.
  • Detail:
    - Eyes white with Nuln Oil washed around them.
  • Highlights:
    - Flesh: drybrushed Rotting Flesh.
    - Clothes: highlighted with base colour.
    - Weapons and other metals: drybrushed / stippled Ryza Rust.
    - Gore: highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
Update 24th November:

18 done, 12 to go!

Update 26th November:

24 done, 6 to go!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The last of the Nachtjägers rebased and a horde of zombies approaches!

The last of the Nachtjägers are rebased:Orc Zealots Wütend, Mummfisch, Spitzhacke & Folterknecht.





My next mini-project for Wortbad is for a scenario in which every turn a number of zombies appears equal to the number of casualties removed in the last turn plus 1D6. This was planned as a Halloween game but neither Godfather Viktor or I was ready in time. This lot need to be finished in the next 2 weeks!