Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tor Megiddo - part 5

Tor Megiddo is a harsh Desert World where life can be a constant struggle. The few remaining city domes are places of opulence and slavery. But in the wilderness freedom, starvation and madness hold sway. There is still oceans of promethium in the earth and gas drunk tribes roam the sand dunes in search for fuel, water and food.

+++ The Slipgibbets +++

Techno Barbarian tribe of desert dwelling mutants: murderous, criminal and sneaky.

From the Broken Mountains to Endcliff, across the desolate expanse of The Barrens past Windgrip, Malady and False Hope, the Slipgibbets scavenge the desert and battle with rival gangs. Always willing to stab an enemy in the back (or a friend if, needs be!).

Kastorax Tech-Wytch - a hunched and bitter monster of a man claims to have psychic powers and that he can control, repair and jinx machinery at will. His followers believe him.

Flood - second in command to Kastorax this mutant has a prehensile tentacle that his is unable to control. It seems to have a mind of it's own!

Cobalt - this desert scummer has hard scaled skin all over his back, but hides it from view.

Atlas - a towering mutant with a withered left arm. He claims carries part of an eradication ray generator, but since it doesn't work no one can really tell what it is.

Hijack - a horned mutant who carries a broken servo-skull as a totem.


The first batch of the gang is finished. I'm planning a vehicle for them next.
(The bases are as orange as I could go - I'm far to used to trying to make bases look neutral, so this was quite a stretch for me!)