Monday, 24 August 2020

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy, part 13. Animosity II

The Beast

In the hills overlooking Dreadfleet Harbour, Urgog, Ersatz and the Badfangs searched for some kind of great flying monster. The warband planned to get to the ur-whale and as it was flying away from the lake they needed to be airborne too.

They'd heard a rumour that a band of Pilgrims had a winged creature and they planned to take it from them and ride it to the ur-whale's back, then attack the corpse of the world-spirit on foot, atop its back.

They moved silently through the darkness, they were experienced and stealthy hunters of great beasts.

Urgog barely needed to say a word to them, they all knew their roles in tracking down and cornering their prey.

Gloomston the Pardoner and a band of Pilgrims were gathered in the courtyard of a ruined chapel. Gloomston at their centre, hissing and gurgling at his flock, who all nodded and growled at each other.

Gloomston saw the Badfangs at the moment they snapped-shut the jaws of their trap; soon enough to warn his followers, but too late to give him time to flee.

The filthy Pardoner stood his ground, not wanting his disgusting band to be slaughtered by the Bonesplitterz.

Howling in a Gorkamorka-addled rage, Urgog charged straight at him! Ersatz was just behind him.

Gloomston ushered his followers forward, who threw themselves at the Bonesplitterz.

Boss Ersatz hacked through the crowds of Crypt Ghouls.

Suddenly Urgog and Ersatz found themselves surrounded, cut-off from the rest of their warband! More and more Crypt Ghouls poured out of the caverns and caves...

But then... the squigs came!


But the flying beast wasn't exactly what they were expecting...

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

The Great Oubliette of Shyish, part 2.

Adm'rul Kurgan had wandered the Great Oubliette of Shyish for longer than he could remember. A continent-sized underworld of dank cells and ice-cold dungeons, towering mausoleums and layer upon layer of crypts. In his entire time there, he never saw another soul.

So the Adm'rul was frustrated - he held Da Kutlass and Deeptoof ready for a fight that never came. He explored endlessly but could never map anywhere. Worst of all; there was nothing to drink.


As battle had raged through the Prime Innerlands during the Dread Solstice, Nagash cast ever more enemies into his Great Oubliette. Warlords and warriors alike tumbled helplessly down hissing wells of grey sand, before plunging into the deeper darkness below. They staggered to their feet amidst endless stone corridors and whispering walls of shadow.

In his arrogance, distracted and set off balance by the sheer amount of foes hurling themselves at him from every side, Nagash had erred. More and more armed warriors mass in the corridors and halls of the oubliette until at last its guardians cannot hold them back. War raged through halls that had known only silence for thousands of years. Weapons of such arcane power were unleashed that the wardings of the oubliette could not withstand them.


So Kaptain Mogrum and the Cleavermaws plotted a rescue. The guardians of the Oubliette could not watch every entrance since Nagash had opened so many new gateways and the defensive wardings were greatly reduced in power. The Cleavermaws planned to break into the Oubliette, find the Adm'rul and escape with him.

The first part of their plan was complete - they had gathered half-a-dozen Endless Spells and bound them into the Dead Man's Chest. They would use the power of the spells to break open a gateway to the underworld where the Adm'rul was held captive!

Dark Skies Over The Harrowmark - part 8 Gallowmire

I've completed the 5th Gallowmire ruin. This one is made from Lord of the Rings "Ruins of Osgiliath" kit that were also leftover from making scenery for the Shadows of Commorragh campaign. I added a few bits of paving stone made from plasticard and a bit of (I think) Lord of the Rings "Mines of Moria" wall.

It doesn't match up in style with the Warcry ruins but in the same paint scheme it also doesn't look out of place. I have used some Osgiliath ruins parts in the Wortbad houses, so maybe this style is from an older period and the buildings got reused and built around? Layers of history....

This bit of scenery will also get used as a backdrop for the next part of my Great Oubliette of Shyish story.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Dark Skies Over The Harrowmark - part 7 Gallowmire

I've completed the 4th Gallowmire ruin. I had some Aeldari Xenoscape parts, leftover from making scenery for the Shadows of Commorragh campaign, so I carved them up to make a "Ta Prohm" styled overgrown ruin.

Friday, 14 August 2020

The Great Oubliette of Shyish, part 1.

He had no idea how long he had been in the Great Oubliette of Shyish, a continent-sized underworld of dank cells and ice-cold dungeons, but here he was. He hefted his huge enchanted choppa, Da Kutlass, on his right shoulder and casually swung Deeptoof, his lucky broken anchor, with his left hand as he strode down yet another stone avenue.

The eerie greenish light, that seemed to come from nowhere more specific than "above" - it certainly wasn't a sun or a moon, cast deep green-black shadows in the openings of the crypts that lined the winding path. He climbed a rough-hewn stone stairway past bare, stunted trees. He crossed a cracked courtyard surrounded by statues of hooded skull-faced angels bearing scythes. Wisps of fog wound round his ankles as he descended a hill covered in gravestones. A crow's call echoed through the empty streets but he couldn't see a crow.

Adm'rul Kurgan Grimjaw, pirate orruk warlord, and one-time Prince of Sartosa, was lost. He hated to admit it, but he had been exploring these bleak stone avenues for longer than he could remember, but he had never seen the same street twice. There were no familiar landmarks or vistas and no points of reference to be marked. For a while he had tried to map the streets and mausoleums but it was fruitless. A strange fog came over his mind whenever he tried to match his scribbled charts to his surroundings. Nothing ever matched, not even when he was stood on the very spot where he'd drawn them.

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy, part 12. Animosity II

The Portal

A small ruddy light glimmered in the dark beneath the bowers. A flickering of unnatural fire in the shadows, floating a few feet above the ice-covered forest floor.

The pinpoint grew into a thin, jagged line of bright amber light. A vertical wound, a crack in reality, that hung in the air. It contorted and widened as if a knife were being twisted within it. Orange fires poured out and illuminated the twisted branches of the forest for a minute. Shapes moved within the fires: crested hunched backs, elongated and horned heads, birdlike legs, black swords.

The amber light blazed brighter for a moment then flickered out, leaving the forest in its more usual winter gloom.

Mournblade, Herald of Khorne, and his followers had come to Lake Bykaal in the Realm of Death.
Wardokk Urgog and the Badfangs saw the light in the forest, from the shores of Lake Bykaal and wanted to see what was making it.
They followed Urgog into the woods and came to a shipwreck, tangled in the trees. Among the broken timbers of the ship the last of the strange fires died out.

The silhouettes of horned creatures could be seen. The Badfangs howled and roared and raced toward them impetuously.
Ersatz charged straight at Mournblade, he could see the Herald of Khorne was the biggest of the Daemons so he knew the fight with him would be the best!
He shouldered past the lesser Daemons and the rest of the Badfangs piled into them. Urgog chanted madly and Waaagh! power coursed through the orruks. Green sparks popped and fizzed from their bone and stone weapons.
Mournblade and Ersatz hacked at each other and leapt over the wreckage. Mournblade backed up, fighting defensively, drawing Ersatz into the tangle of broken timbers, away from the rest of the warband.
Then the Daemon turned the tables and went on the offensive. Otherworldly fires leapt along his blade and he sent the Orruk tumbling off the wreck.
The Badfangs fled into the night leaving the shipwreck haunted by Daemons... But they would let the rest of the tribe know what had happened, and they would be back with more ladz.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Turnip28: The Bolyany Irregulars - part 1. Animosity II

The Town of Bolyany
Once a small farming community around a central market-town hub, Bolyany was sparsely populated but always busy, farmer’s wagons poured into its market square every day and traders from all around the lake would come to buy produce. The root crops were withered and meagre by any standard, but still superior to any grown elsewhere around the lake. Local tribes-folk now inhabit the place, a twisted husk of what it once was but still growing some form of crop, namely blood-red sour beets and extremely large varieties of hideous turnip, and pretty much the only source of food around the lake. The sullen masked people whisper prayers to nameless gods, but mostly keep to themselves and tend to their eerie gardens.

Old Growth Turnip Patches

The most abundant and edible resource around Lake Bykaal, these ancient turnip patches are equal parts concealed and defended by Bolyany’s few remaining locals. 

These #Turnip28-styled Freeguilders were made as a response to an off-hand comment made by Nuno in a hobby chat. He mentioned that no-one had made any Turnip28 models for the campaign; There followed a deep bits box dive (I knew I had some 6th edition starter set Handgunners, still on their sprues!) a late night of clipping and gluing, a bit of texture paint and flock, then painting over two more evenings. 

Yes, he has a bat on his back. No, no-one has told him.

The twin-rooted turnip of Sigmar!

WIP shots from before they were painted: