Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Mortal Citizens 2022 - orruk skypirates

#MortalCitizens 2021 was really enjoyable, so as soon as the 2022 prompts were published I knew I would definitely be taking part again.
"Born out of a conversation on The Mortal Realms Discord (you should join it), this is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar hobby initiative to fill out the more civilian corners of the Mortal Realms. With a dash of Inktober, a sprinkle of AoS28, and various other inspirations the idea was formed to pick a theme for each month, throw it out into the void, and see what comes back.

The brief is simple, for each month interpret the theme anyway you see fit, create at least one model but as many as you like (it can be a whole group) that fit that theme and throw it up on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MortalCitizens".
The collection of my 2021 Mortal Citizens can be found here. They are all orruks from Gallowmire in The Harrowmark, a sky-pirate shantytown and port - this year it is likely I will continue that theme.


The 2022 monthly prompts are:


"Oy, ya git! Have you seen dis squig?"

Kagknee and his grot assistant Lazy are investigators, though the "cases" they take are not really criminal. Others might call them bounty hunters but that would probably give them a higher status than is really fair.


Kurbak Sloop works as an Advisor to the Adm'rul, but his advice is mainly to loot ships or scuttle them. Or both.


Deadhead Snag and Hoslter Krug are dock workers in Gallowmire, their role is vital to the logistics of the port as they help unload the loot that comes in aboard the various pirate sky-ships. Krug likes to give the boxes and chests a good shake to see what noise they make, in order to try and guess what might be inside. Snag tries not to carry to much at a time and takes frequent breaks.


Billhook Gab is the Gallowmire harbour carpenter by trade. He has a natural affinity for the magical timber that the orruk sky-ships are made from. He doesn't understand the magic, as such, but he can "feel" when timber is good. His work is not beautiful or elegant but it is always strong and sturdy and he works fast, so the pirate kaptains don't complain.


Lord Krashhart
Ironjawz Warchanter explorer.

The best sword, the best shot, the best sailor and the best smasher in the Realms. Ne ne ner ner neeerrrr: It's Lord Krashhart! Hooray!

He wears a big hat with a bone hatpin and a teal feather, striped trousers, sleeveless jacket. He carries his favourite weapon: a Gorkstick (made from a long-handled blunderbuss!), and has a bag of "magic" bones, a pair of pistols and a small spyglass on his back. He is impatient, impetuous, brash and loud.

"Boooorrring! Come on you bunch of zoggin useless layabouts, lets find a fight. I'm not gonna sit around all day while you lot look at bits of paper. I'm going to smash something because I'm amazing!"


One-eye Grod sees himself as a mysterious stranger but he is a regular at the Cod &h; Cutlass inn, in Gallowmire. He thinks starting fights is a good way to get noticed by a ship's Kaptain and get asked to join a crew. It has not worked yet.










Monday, 24 January 2022

Age of Unification - part 3

After a bit of rearranging, I can field this list for a Unification Wars game (using Age of Sigmar rules) with the models I have already completed. There are more things I'd like to do for this force but it's really satisfying to see them as a unified whole already!


Allegiance: Seraphon

- Grand Strategy:
- Triumphs:

The Rust King (110)
Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One
- General
- Artefact: Vial of Manticore Venom (Universal Artefact)
Tragek Hierigos (125)
Saurus Sunblood
Atrak Hexcowl (130)
Skink Starpriest
Tyloc Greften Haug and The Sentinel (270)
Skink Oracle on Troglodon

The Flying Hogfish (105)
10 x Saurus Warriors
- Spears
The Skinny-men (75)
10 x Skinks
- Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs
Anomaly Protocol Patrol 8 (75)
10 x Skinks
- Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs
Anomaly Protocol Patrol 7 (75)
10 x Skinks
- Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs
The Slipgibbets (75)
10 x Skinks
- Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs

The Rustmen (150)
3 x Kroxigor

The Vulture (250)
Bastiladon with Solar Engine
The Sumpcrawler (250)
Bastiladon with Solar Engine
The Stranger (265)

Total: 1955 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 120


The Dragon-forged of Ursh, "unaltered" techno-barbarian warriors, their gene-enhanced elites and their crudely repaired Dark Age of Technology war engines.

The Flying Hogfish

Anomaly Protocol, Patrol 8

The Rust King and his lieutenants; Atrak Hexcowl, Gamma-Delta-Mu-10, and Tragek Hierigos.

Anomaly Protocol, Patrol 5 - The Skinny-men

Anomaly Protocol, Patrol 7

Rustmen: The Dragon and Old Boilerplate

The Sumpcrawler

The Vulture

Tyloc Greften Haug and The Sentinel

Friday, 14 January 2022

Age of Unification - part 2

Gene-enhanced Cohort 75-Phi, nicknamed The Flying Hogfish - a unit raised by the techno-barbarian warlords of Ursh, here in the deserts of the north-western border, on the edge of the Terrawatt Clans territory, with their itinerant psionic witch.

Tragek Hierigos, leader with an adrathic pistol and axe

Atrak Hexcowl, a perfectly safe Psionic Witch. Not dangerous at all...







I plan to use the Seraphon Battletome to represent the gene-enhanced techno-barbarians soldiers (Saurus Warriors and Temple Guard), "normal" humans (Skinks with Bolt-spitters), Psionic Witches (Skink Starpriests), battle automata (Kroxigors) and a selection of crude salvaged vehicles and war machines (Seraphon dinosaurs!). 

I'm going to give all the models for this double-duty; as they will fit in with my Tor Megiddo warbands style so they can feature in our ongoing campaigns set there, and all the models I've made for Tor Megiddo can potentially see action in the Unification Wars too. I'll get some group shots of units and support vehicles soon.