Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Blackrocks - part 7: The Charybdis Occulum

Blackrocks is a ruined and overgrown town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark that has been partially rebuilt using materials from skyship-wrecks.

In an area of Blackrocks that was once known as Stonewarden, in a clearing in the tangled forest, lies the ancient Charybdis Occulum. It is said that a mage that stands within the verdigrised sphere of the Occulum can use it's power to scry across a hundred leagues of the malignant forest and the dangerous skies above it: the mage will be able to see everything in this radius. It is not without risk but with practice and concentration they will be able to locate individual objects of value or people of interest.

~ ~ ~

The Charybdis Occulum is finished:

I've also added dead grass and fallen leaves to the Hurricane Bell:

These two pieces (and one more I'm still working on) will form the core of Blackrocks, which will be surrounded by the forests I finished last month.


  1. I love them!
    And something tells me we have a setting for a Skirmish campaign...

    1. Oh yes! I have the bones of a campaign plot written too.