Monday, 27 September 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Ghur - part 20, The Vurm-tai Campaign

A Tear in Reality

Daemons ran rampant at the head of the wurm, causing it to shift and turn in its route. Although they seemed to be content to grow in numbers around their rift, it was only a matter of time before they descended on Ghur, destroying all in their path. Their first and second port of call would most certainly be the settlement further down on the wurm, and then Nassolotyl itself.

But they were caught unaware, as their presence was most certainly well known. First by the followers of Beliana Fauncrest who raced to warn the settlement of Dawnbringers, and by Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw who had been working his magic in the background to close to the portal, or at least waylay the daemons.


Hogrog had been sharing his plans with anyone who would listen - Thorn's Troggs, Steeltoof's Ironjawz, Tygon's Gargants, Gurrbag's Grots, and many others - even some of the city gitz. A lot of them were of the same mind: The Rift had to be shut and the daemons had to be smashed. Otherwise there would be a lot more damage done to the Realm and its spirit than just a few stretched ley-lines. The Wurrgog Prophet and his followers found a good spot for their part in the Ritual of The Snapping Jaws.

Unfortunately there were already a lot of gribblies there.

The Badfangs formed a cordon around Hogrog, to try to stop the daemons interfering with the ritual.

The Horrors swarmed forward with sorcerous fires erupting from their many hands.

The Changecaster and his entourage of weird imps and floating books, slowly moved away from the main fight, to try and outflank the Wurrgog's defences.

Zogfang charged through the warp-fire blasts and engaged the Iridescent Horror - the Changecaster's second-in-command.

He was mildly annoyed when Boss Ersatz appeared at his side and slammed into the Iridescent Horror and sent it tumbling across the ground. Zogfang got one last jab of his bone shiv in though, just before the daemonic lieutenant discorporated.

The Changecaster moved past the fighting and headed for the Wurrgog Prophet.

Hogrog felt the first parts of the magic sliding into place - it was a slower start than he wanted but there was now a foundation, there was now hope.

A Pink Horror blasted blue fire at Ersatz, the Big Boss was furious.

Wardokk Urgog jumped down from the platform and started his Grimdokk magic; the healing power    worked on all of the orruks near him; closing cuts, un-burning flesh and revitalising the Badfangs.

Some of the Bonesplitterz realised what the Changecaster was up to and blocked his path.

So the daemonic commander avoided them - he jumped up onto a ruin with a clear line of sight on Hogrog.

The Horrors started aiming sorcerous fires at Wardokk Urgog.

Hogrog focussed a portion of his power at the Changecaster: A crushing green fist enveloped the daemon.

Wardokk Urgog ignored the fires and continued to heal the Badfangs nearby.

More Pink Horrors closed in.

Boss Ersatz carved his way through some of them.

Noknok interrupted his rhythmic drumming for a moment to smash his heavy bone drumstick into a Horror's face, without missing a beat.

The teeth of the Ritual were now in place. Hogrog had to concentrate hard as the various threads of the ritual were being pulled apart, even as he wove them together. The fibres of the Ritual's jaw-muscles started to bind together, they were still weak though.

It didn't help how distracted he was though - at the same time as manifesting the Ritual Hogrog and the Changecaster were also exchanging magical blasts, the Wurrgog had the edge in the duel but to get it over-with sooner he sent Zurgob over to attack the daemon as well.

Zurgob leapt up the ruins and finished off the injured Changecaster!

Searing blue, yellow and pink fires streamed across the open ground between the daemons and the orruks. The daemons were far more dangerous at a distance than they were in a fight, so the Badfangs didn't want to leave them with that advantage for long!

Arcane flames rippled out through the fighting again and again.

Several of the Horrors concentrated their fires on Ersatz - the Big Boss was making a mess of them, one after another.

Waves of iridescent fire washed over Ersatz, his war-paint protected him from the worst of the effects but it still scorched his flesh.

Zogfang and Rukbeast ganged-up on a Pink Horror.

Hogrog contorted and babbled incoherently as he pulled more components of the Ritual together, weaving the strands of wurm-lines with the Beast-magic of the realm and the energy of the Badfangs' fighting. But there was something missing...

Boss Ersatz was being worn down faster than Wardokk Urgog could heal him. His injuries were threatening to overwhelm him soon.

He didn't seem to notice though and the Badfangs rallied around his example, plunging through the arcane fires to smash the daemons with their spirt-bone weapons.

The great maw of the Ritual loomed large in Hogrog's mind now - its muscles were gaining strength and coherency.

More Horrors crowded the Badfangs.

Suddenly Hogrog jumped down from the platform on the ruin - he knew what the Ritual was missing now. It needed more violence! He roared encouragement at the Badfangs who redoubled their enthusiasm for the fight. Several started laughing uncontrollably as they slashed at the Horrors!

Big Boss Ersatz hacked down two daemons, one after the other. His massive stone axe sliced through them and they dissolved into swirls of pink and blue smoke.

Wardokk Urgog sent out another wave of healing Grimdokk power.

The Badfangs rounded on the last daemon.

With a triumphant roar Zogfang charged forward and smashed the last Pink Horror with his beast-spirit infused bone weapons and the daemon de-corporealized into a shrinking swirl of pink and blue flames, which were then snuffed out.

The Waaagh! energy that flooded from the fighting orruks gave the Ritual the last burst of power it needed to manifest: the vast ghostly green form of Gorkamorka's grinning face coalesced from the clouds, and appeared right in front of the Rift. The image of the orruk god slowly opened his enormous fanged mouth then suddenly chomped down on the swirling black portal....

Thursday, 23 September 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Ghur - part 19

I started building the Badfangs for AoS Skirmish originally way back in 2018, I worked on them sporadically and only just finished enough for a game. Then I expanded them for Warcry in 2020 and used them as my warband for Animosity II.

This approach meant I didn't have to pick one or two of their options and make all 20 of them the same way - it was really liberating and meant I had a fun skirmishing warband with a lot of variety. I converted a couple into Wardokks and made a single Big Stabber team. But this meant the Badfangs could only be used in Warcry as the number of each type of Bonesplitterz were too small for AoS.

I bought another box of Bonesplitterz orruks this week, to add to the small groups of models to expand them into AoS size units. I don't know how much I will actually play AoS as Warcry fills up most of my gaming plans, but I thought it would be good to have the option!

I had 8 Morboys completed for Warcry, including a Morboy Boss (the orruk with a great-axe from Hedkrakka's Madmob) and a Morboy with Bone Totem, so they just needed two extras to bring the unit to minimum size: A Morboy and a Morboy Skull Thumper:

I had 7 Arrowboys in my warband already, including an Boss (the Arrowboy from Hedkrakka's Madmob), so they need three extras - a Skull Thumper, one with a Bone Totem and one more regular Arrowboy. 

I have completed the Skull Thumper, with a bow and quiver on his back, and started building the Bone Totem and the last Arrowboy. I have also built another Big Stabber team, as they are fielded in pairs in AoS.

I gave the Skull Thumper a squiggy friend (a spotter-squig from the Ork Flash Gitz kit with some techie bits scraped off) to add a little character. I also had a first attempt at painting one of his trinkets as a chunk of amber.

I'll get photos of the other two Arrowboys and the Big Stabber team as soon as I have done their greenstuff cowls.

(Edit 2021-09-24)
As promised,  WIP photos of the next batch of Badfangs:

(Edit 2021-10-01) the new Boyz are finished.

They are now a pretty respectable 750 point AoS army!