Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Animosity III - The Prime Dominion, part 3

I finished the first piece of scenery for my Hysh board and I have pre-ordered the Shrine Luminor, so I'll soon be able to start work on more pieces.

The whole piece was spray undercoated black, then zenithal basecoated grey (both Halfords matt primer rattlecans). I dry-brushed the plastic parts with Ushabti Bone.

For the ruins I basecoated them with Karak Stone, dry-brushed Ushabti Bone, then washed the whole thing with a mix of 10 parts Contrast Medium, 1 part Ultramarines Blue and 5 parts Aethermatic Blue. When the Contrast paint was completely dry I lightly dry-brushed Ushabti Bone a second time. The areas that had pooled with too much blue then got a focused wash of very thin Karak Stone, so the blue still just about showed through the Karak Stone, but much less intensely.

The gold details were basecoated with Retributor Armour, washed with Agrax Earthshade and dry-brushed with Stormhost Silver.

The tohnasai tree trunk was painted with Gore-Grunta Brown Contrast and lightly dry-brushed Ushabti Bone again. The rocks were just washed with Nuln Oil.

I went for an "early Autumn" look on the foliage: a Wraithbone basecoat, followed by a coat of Nazdreg Yellow Contrast, then a coat of Militarum Green Contrast. It gives a nice brownie-green colour that works with my Autumnal Warcry board but still looks green enough to feel like Hysh and not The Harrowmark. I also used "Scorched Grass" static grass to finish it off, instead of my normal "Dead Grass", to add to the slightly-less-deathly look.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Animosity III - The Prime Dominion, part 2

After giving up on the idea of using artificial bonsai trees (the affordable ones look really cheap and nasty in real life) I managed to get hold of some of the old (and sadly out of production) Citadel Woods. With a bit of careful branch-removal and assembling the leaves "wrong" I have been able to reproduce the Hyshian "tohnasai" trees that the GW studio team made for the Lumineth promo photos. I have saved all the removed branches to make smaller trees!

The Shrine Luminor is on pre-order this weekend, so the next stage of my Haixiah board can begin soon!

Update (2021-03-24) - I built another tohnasai tree. I tried to take some step-by-steps during this build.

1. Lay out a circle of big leaves.

2. Glue on more over the joins.

3. Glue smaller ones over the top.

4. When dry, flip and attach the tree by gluing leaves against it underneath

Three tohnasai trees (and a little shrub):

Monday, 15 March 2021

Burlok Damminsson and the Reckless Endrineers, part 2

The Reckless Endrineers:

An Arkanaut Captain, 5 Thunderers with Aethershot Rifles, and an Endrinrigger with an Aethermatic Volley Gun is just under 1000 points in Warcry.

For the Thunderers I used Space Wolf heads instead of the masked helmets. The neck joints needed more work than I'd hoped but I think they match the look of the helmetless Kharadron in the Battletome art quite nicely. after a lot of indecision I settled on using the same colour scheme as my Realmgate Wardens (which is pretty much the standard Hammerhal Aqsha uniform of dark blue and gold). I don't plan for the two forces to grown into an army but you never know...

The next two models for the warband are finished, and along the way I updated Burlok Damminson to match their colours a bit more closely. I also changed his collar to red because I liked the extra colour on Dagnai Holdenstock, the Cursed City Kharadron adventurer.

Update (2021-03-18) 

Three more Thunderers finished! I think I'm going to leave the Endrinriggers for now and paint some more scenery. I'll come back to the dorfs later.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Animosity III - The Prime Dominion, part 1

Animosity III is brewing behind the scenes: it will be set in the Prime Dominion, in Haixiah - the hinterlands of Hysh. So I've been thinking a lot about making a Hysh board with the Shrine Luminor (when its released) and some artificial bonsai trees.

I have a vague plan to cut the rocky island in half horizontally, ground the top half as a "normal" building (i.e. not a floating island building!) and flip the bottom half to use it as a rocky "mountain". I am also looking for the ruins from Teclis' base to use on the bases of two or three fake plastic bonsai trees.

The paint recipe, on the back of the Teclis box, for the ruins is apparently a Karak Stone basecoat, with Spacewolf Grey Contrast Paint over the top, then a highlight with Karak Stone and lighter greys. I like the blueish tint so I will be going for that look too.


This will all have to be acquired and done before the summer, so I want to keep the number of pieces of scenery quite low. I've ordered three fake bonsai trees from Ikea and part of Teclis's base ruins. I'm keeping an eye out for more ruins at a price I can afford. Now I just have to cross my fingers that the Shrine Luminor is released before the summer! For now all I can do is drawings...

Monday, 1 March 2021

The Badfangs - Bonesplitterz of Aqshy, part 14

The recent reveals of Hedkrakka’s Madmob, the new Bonesplitterz for Warhammer Underworlds, inspired me to make a few more savage orruks for my Warcry warband.

So Gurkfang, Rogtoof and Legbiter have joined the Badfangs.

As usual for this mob, they all have masks made from scrap they find in their adventures through the Mortal Realms. Gurkfang's is a piece of a Kurnoth Hunter, Rogtoof has part of an Ironjawz Brute's armour and Legbiter has some kind of aelf helmet. All of them wear cowls made from bakka-lizard hide over the back of their heads and additional decorations like feathers and stone trinkets.

The Badfangs are Bonesplitterz orruks from the dry and windswept Uzmorgarg plains in the wilds of Aqshy. The Badfangs tribe have an oral tradition, myths and legends that have long been told and retold, passed down through the years, of their time as travellers among the stars. They believe that in an age long ago they roamed the cosmos, they were not natives of Aqshy but they came from some other, unremembered Realm. They chased god-beasts across the void, riding in the belly of a creature they called the ur-whale, but they crashed into the Great Parch by accident while the ur-whale was battling another god-beast.

In some versions of the stories the ur-whale was killed by the other god-beast, in other versions the Bonesplitterz accidentally killed it from inside by cutting their way out in an ill-considered attempt to get at the god-beast that was attacking it.

Whichever version they believe, they all agree that in the crash they lost their ability to travel the cosmos and they were stranded. They still carry with them a sense of adventure that continues the tradition of travelling, exploring and finding new monsters to defeat.

So, loaded up with the most potent and powerful of the magic bones the tribe has found, the Badfangs followed Wurrgog Prophet Hogrog Ug Weirdklaw, hoping to ride a god-beast through the cosmos once more. They all still wear their traditional masks, in the style of various god-beasts, to protect them from the void between Realms.


I'm really looking forward to adding Hedkrakka and his gang to my warband, with the addition of tradition Badfangs god-beast masks of course.