Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 2

Prologue - The Perfect Storm

The boyz were all having weird dreams and there were unnatural lights in the sky. Most nights none of the crew got any sleep and had the heebeegeebees about spectres that haunted their minds. The lack of sleep made the crew’s internal animosity worse than usual. The deck bosses had to crack down and split the watches as they fell to fighting and shouting and impaling each other with cutlasses far too often. There was something bad in the air, they said.Everyone could feel it; an aura of dread.

As the nights grew longer, a dark solstice dawned, a season of discontent that grew to cast its pall over even the most vigorous soul. The crews in The Harrowmark called it the Wytch Time. Strange phenomena abounded, every traveller bearing a different tale - some told with shaking hands and wide eyes, others with morbid relish. Traders and explorers carried these ominous accounts through Realmgates to pastures new, only to find that those on the other side had disturbing stories of their own.

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

The skies above the Harrowmark started producing more than just water when it rained. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons found that the skulls falling from the stars had a strange amethyst aura around them. They assumed they must be part of the shattered moon's tears, and therefore valuable, so they started collecting them.

As they moved through the village they saw that other warbands were trying to collect the glowing starfall too - a small band of Freeguild and a number of Nighthaunts. Kapitán de Leeva watched them as the two warbands spotted each other - there seemed to be a shared history between them. As soon as they realised who their opponents were they both attacked!

Bold Rik approached the corner of Deathwatch Hall, where some abandoned gear caught his attention.

While the Gilded Hand and the Ordeschal Host fought on the other side of the hall's walled garden.

Kapitán de Leeva waited for Dragante to catch up with him, behind Fallow's End house. Then, doing their best to keep out of sight of the Freeguild marksman and the spirits they moved towards the centre of the village.

A shooting star screamed down into the farmland at the edge of the forest and smashed into a field with an earthy thump.

Percy Percy tramped through the pumpkin field and found the first starfall. He hurriedly loaded the strange bone fragments into his bag.

The Skeleton Champion silently collected another starfall.

The Whyte Lady moved closer to Kalyustar and his retainers while her Spirit Hosts held them up.

The Rotmoons took their loot and slipped off into the darkness.

The Witch Hunter was finally knocked down by the Spirit Hosts.

Lucius, the Venithyan Marksman, bagged himself some starfall too.

The Whyte Lady chased Kalyustar as he tried to withdraw - finally catching up with him outside the gates of Deathwatch Hall. It didn't go well for the Alchemist!

This left the battlefield in the possession of the Nighthaunts, but the starfall almost evenly distributed, with the Rotmoons getting a slightly larger share!

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

In the darkness of the inn's back room a single candle lit Kapitán da Leeva and El Doctoro the shaman, as they examined the star-fallen bones laid out on a battered table. The Death magic contained within them was palpable, in Shyish that alone was not unusual. But there was also something else, something stranger... El Doctoro fiddled with his red-lensed eyeglasses and pronounced with great complacency "Even an ill wind can fill our sails. We can make the most of the growing madness, whilst others' hope is replaced with paranoia and superstition."

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 1

Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons

The Rotmoons were a band of swashbuckling orruk sky-pirates. They called themselves Privateers, and acted more like pirates, but they spent more of their time acting like explorers than either. They searched the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considered himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounced, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He was occasionally correct but only occasionally.

Their skyship, The Rotmoon, was recently wrecked (again!) in the forests of The Harrowmark. They made a deal with another orruk pirate crew, the Ogresuns; under Kaptain Salty Ogbad, to recover their cargo. But Ogbad fled with a small portion of the treasure after losing most of it to the Gilded Hand and the Ordeshal Host. The Rotmoons were reduced to looking for a ship to steal as a replacement. They hoped to cut-out one of the merchants that often call at the Wortbad skydock.

Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
A dashing and swashbuckling Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick-witted. He was popular with his crew as he got them out of many scrapes over the years but he was unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who saw him as an “upstart young pup”. He was unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than someone with his actual skill should be.

El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Surgeon, explorer, collector, drug addict (well, Magic Mushroom addict): El Doctoro was all of these to an extent. He often dropped hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wanted the crew of the Rotmoon to think he was mysterious and complex.

Hammerhead (AKA Tibur├│n Martillo) - Ogor Maneater
Dressed in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wore a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carried a handgun that he used like a pistol and he liked to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs.

Dragante - Orruk Boss
A hulking brute of an orruk with a hook for a hand and a bad attitude. He made sure the Boyz did exactly what they were told and bashed heads together when the crews' arguments (inevitably) turned into fights.

The crew...

Update (5th Feb 2018): I've made a Warlock to go with the Rotmoons:

Juan Dee. Alchemist, seer, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and advisor to The Rotmoons.

Monday, 29 January 2018

The Shattered Circle

In a clearing, deep in the endless malignant forest that covers the Harrowmark, there is a broken dais that is now being used for macabre purposes. The Shattered Circle, as it is known, is an evil place. 

The raw Death Magic that permeates the area is tangible even to those without magic sensitivity. For those with Wyrdsight the energies that swirl and eddy around the ruined dais are clearly malevolent and extremely powerful. Only a foolhardy wizard would attempt to tap into its power...


The middle is the Balewind Vortex base filled with Citadel Skulls, surrounded by Shattered Dominion Large Basing Kit flagstones.

I sanded the base before undercoating it.

I undercoated it Chaos Black and zenithal base-coated Mechanicus Standard Grey. I painted the skulls with Ushabti Bone and washed them with Agrax Earthshade.

I dry-brushed the entire thing with Ushabti Bone then washed most of the stonework with Nuln Oil and a few remaining areas with Athonian Camoshade. Then I very lightly dry-brushed the entire thing with Ushabti Bone again.

I painted the sanded areas of earth with Steel Legion Drab (the Scenery Paint version) then dry-brushed that with Ushabti Bone.

Then it was just leaf litter and dead grass flock (the PVA glue for the leaves was still wet when I took these photos!).

Three NPC Warlocks (for our upcoming Malign Portents campaign "Thy Soul To Keep") Mr Book, Mr Bell and Mr Candle, explore the Shattered Circle:

Mr Bell

Mr Candle

Mr Book

Detail of Mr Book's book.

Pauli D'sguised

Friday, 12 January 2018

Fallow’s End House - part 2

This is a model I assembled around five years ago that has gone through a couple of transformations along the way. With Malign Portents on the way I have finished it and added it to my Harrowmark scenery as a "quick win".

It will get used as both a "normal" house in the village of Wortbad, and a lone house out in the wilds of the Harrowmark; on bleak Sorrow Fen or in the depths of the malignant forests.

I really enjoyed painting the tiny angels of death on the reliquaries on both sides of the house!

I picked the name "Fallow's End House" while I was building this house because I thought it sounded good. I later found out that there is a type of deer called the Fallow Deer, so when I was thinking about what to paint on the sign a deer skull seemed appropriately dark.


It's probably not good news on that pamphlet...

Details about the build are here.