Thursday, 15 August 2019

Shadows of Commorragh - part 17

Desecrated Shrine of Khaine

In an ancient region of Low Commorragh, hidden within the crumbling ruins of a pre-Fall city, there is a broken Aeldari temple.

There are a few Drukhari who still secretly worship here but they do so very carefully, knowing they would bring about their own deaths if they should be caught. But the Incubi still practice and follow the teachings of Khaine. Even in this shattered obsidian shrine, failed initiates are still burned as offerings to the iron statue of their bloody-handed god.

~ 🜤 ~

This is still work-in-progress but I hope to get it finished in the next day or two.

These two photos are from earlier in the build process. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The Mushloonz - part 16

Sournose Da Boss

This nasty Git is the Stabba Boss of the Knights of Skrag.

He is made from a classic (HUGE!) Night Goblin model, with a Boingrot Bounder head and right arm, a Mordheim Middenhiemer left arm and a mushroom from the Squig Herd kit.

Dirge the Squigpiper

Honking, droning and squeeking his way through the Dankwood forests, at the rear of a herd of vicious squigs, comes Dirge the Squigpiper!


I think I might try out this nasty bunch for my first few Warcry games. I won't be able to field most of them in each game, after all there is a 15 model maximum limit for a warband! But you can have 20 models on your Roster and pick the models you want to use for each game.  Some of them will be "counts as" - for example there are no Loonboss cards (yet?) in warcry, so Skragbad will be a Stabba Boss for now.

I have collected this set of Moonclan-themed dice for Warcry - Yellow for Initiative, Black for Actions and Red for WiId Dice. I have 6 of each (as I think that is all you'll ever need in a normal game of Warcry).

Monday, 12 August 2019

Shadows of Commorragh - part 16

Once the trading districts from the days before Asdrubael Vect's rise to power, when the Noble Houses ruled, Low Commorragh now lies in ruins and poverty. Overcrowded and full of beasts, cutthroats, scavengers, slaves, and other deranged individuals it is extremely dangerous to an unescorted traveler. Now a massive maze of catacombs shielded from Commorragh's stolen suns, it is said that only the lost and feral thrive in the lower districts of Commorragh.

Low Commorragh notebook sketches

These sketches are a mix of early ideas before I started building and some drawings of finished scenery grouped together as I try to imagine what they will look like on a board. 

This last one is my first stab at mapping the sections of Low Commorragh that will feature in the campaign. Mapping non-geometric multi-dimensional spaces is hard! 

Vhrex and Xosh, Drukhari Medusae

Medusae are strange creatures of the Webway that often find themselves as servants within an Archon's court and are quite sought after by the denizens of the Dark City of Commorragh. They are known to be highly empathic parasites that appear as a collection of brains and spinal cords that are stacked on top of one another. These creatures seemingly float across the ether like jellyfish where they feed on the dreams, as well as nightmares, of sentient beings. They can also latch upon a living host, allowing them to feed upon the emotions of their host directly and through this process, provide the power they require to manifest in realspace, thus becoming hybrid creatures of both the material world and the Immaterium.
In combat, their empathic abilities are weaponised: a simple gaze from a Medusae can lead to instant emotional hemorrhaging by exposing their victims to raw anguish, potentially putting them into a coma from which there is no recovery. In addition, they are also able to absorb extreme sensations, which are highly prized in Dark Eldar society. The brain fruit of the Medusae are capable of being consumed and allow an individual to re-experience the vivid and anarchic emotions of a raid all over again.
These two are going to be NPCs. We will probably use the Codex Drukhari profiles for them. They will make pretty nasty opponents, roaming about in the shadows and attacking at random! They are both made from Dark Elf chariot crew with Finecast Medusae heads and Blood Bowl Dark Elf forearms.


This unfortunate is made from a Dark Elf Blood Bowl Player with a Wych's head and hands. He is an unarmed Drukhari civilian "drug-mule" with chemical injectors in his back. He is part drug-transport, and part drug-factory. Drukhari drugs are... esoteric. 

The Cauldron of Souls

Though Soul-Traps vary in size and appearance, from pyramidal prisms to jewelled skulls engraved with vampiric runes, they all have one ghastly function; to capture the soul of a powerful enemy within its confines and empower the owner with the stolen energies.

The idea for this came from Castigator's version of it on his blog post here.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

The Mushloonz - part 15 - Durg the Trogg

Crashing through the trees of the Harrowmark forests, careless of the noise they make and who might hear them, a trio of troggoths hunt for Sylvaneth to uproot.

- 🍄 -

Durg the Trogg

I added mushrooms, from the Squig Hopper kit, to his shoulder and blended them in with superglue and baking soda.

- 🍄 -

Thomm and Durg. Urr-Ree will join them later.

Mollog, Thomm and Durg.