Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Gangs of Mancunius Dome, Part 10

The Skinny-men have some new members

Oldham Mumps, a Heavy with a Grenade launcher, Trafford Bar and Edge Lane: Juves with Laspistols and knives.

This is the whole of the Skinny-men Van Saar gang as it currently stands, plus an Adeptus Mechanicus Enginseer Special Operative. I'd quite like to add an Ogryn later if I can work out how to make a giant sized "stillsuit" look convincing.


  1. Great conversions and I love the names. Who's next? Corn Brook? Wythen Shaw? :-)

    1. Thanks Yara! :D
      My name-list for future additions includes: Buckley Wells, Gorsey Bank, Heaton Mersey and Newall Green.