Monday, 8 May 2017

The Realmgate Wardens, part 3

Elatine Jast and the Realmgate Wardens patrol the Realmgates of Shyish, checking for corrupted gates and scouting for signs of Chaos incursions. They have been in the wilds of The Harrowmark for a very long time now, only returning to the Free Cities to resupply when they have to. But they harbour a dark secret: They have been exposed to the corrupting but subtle influences of The Changer of Ways. They do their best to hide their corruption and continue their work but it is getting more difficult as the months go by...


Elatine Jast, Witch Hunter and leader of the Realmgate Wardens of Wortbad, in Shyish.

Anderton Fenn - Freeguild General

Istrum Amathyst - Collegiate Arcane Gatemage


The Wardens


They are sometimes accompanied by Torhart Shroudkin, Stormcast Eternal Lord-Relictor.