Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 7 The Finale!

The Guardian's Network - part 7: The Finale!

The Sumptreaders had two choices: attempt a rescue of Inquisitor Able Lenk, or abandon him to his fate with his old rival. In the end the choice was fairly simple - if they wanted to get paid they needed Lenk alive!

They drew up a plan to free him from captivity. The gangers armed with long ranged weapons would get into positions where they could provide covering fire and hope to pin-down Lenk's captors while the gangers with close combat gear advanced in cover to rush Inquisitor Quintus' camp en-masse

Quintus and his band had gone to ground in a ruined warehouse at the far end of the Broken Docks.

Munzo and Fishgutter watched as Cole's Heavy Bolter drops the heavy combat servitor (much to their relief!).

Lansen and Rockwell close on the camp, using the surrounding buildings as cover. Rogue Trader Balthasar is distracted by the lasgun fire from the rooftops, and doesn't even look their way.

Kasander move was about to join the fight with Lenk when lansen and Rockwell revealed themselves...

Waldo blasted Balthasar off the roof with his shotgun.

But Munzo shoots Kasander in the back!

Lenk and Quintus struggle - they both inflict wounds on each other, but Lenk gets the upper hand.

Itzhak tried to attack Lenk but Quintus bellows at him to stand down - he is determined to be the one to personally end Lenk!

Lenk fends off all of Quintus' hammer blows and manages to get his blade beneath his old foe's guard. Just as the Sumptreaders arrive to help Inquisitor Quintus goes down!


So Lenk's group win the campaign, but neither side is any closer to discovering the identity of the Guardian!

This is not the end....


  1. Huzzah! Lenk......! Well done lads.

    'No problem boss..Now that will be 2500cred hazard pay, 1200 for the ammo..1600 for..