Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Badskab and the Salvage Krew: Orks for Shadow War Armageddon

Badskab's Salvage Krew were made for "New Rynn City" a Necromunda campaign set on the Crimson Fist's home planet Rynn's World, after the ork invasion that nearly wiped out the Chapter. The Gm wrote a home-brew Ork list that was a brilliant blend of the 6th Edition Ork Codex and the Gorkamorka Ork gang rules.

I have updated their paint jobs a little and added models for Special Operatives so I can use them in Shadow War games. The Burna is not an option for Orks in SWA, but I didn't know that when I took the photos!

Badrok the Mek, the first Special Operative.

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