Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Badskab and the Salvage Krew: Ork Kill Team

Badskab's Salvage Krew were made for "New Rynn City" a Necromunda campaign set on the Crimson Fist's home planet Rynn's World, after the ork invasion that nearly wiped out the Chapter. Mark, the campaign GM, wrote a home-brew Ork list that was a brilliant blend of the 6th Edition Ork Codex and the Gorkamorka Ork gang rules.

I have updated their paint jobs a little and added models for Special Operatives so I can use them in Shadow War: Armageddon games. The Burna is not an option for Orks in SWA, but I didn't know that when I took the photos!
(Edit July 2018 - The Burna Boy is back in the Mob with the new edition of WH40K Kill Team!)

Badskab - the Boss.

Zoggog Kangit, Gutbag DakkaDakka and Kemzud.

Muggog Chainface, Magwork Sneakyzog and xxxx.

xxxx, xxxx and xxxx.

Buzzog Mukmuk, Morgul Fragbad and xxxx.

 xxxx, Slugfug Wuneye and Urtyfang Neckbreaka.

Gutbag DakkaDakka

Badrok the Mek, a Special Operative for SW:A.

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