Thursday, 25 May 2017

Blackrocks - part 6: The Charybdis Occulum (WIP)

Blackrocks is a ruined town in the dark forests of the Harrowmark that has been partially rebuilt using materials from shipwrecks.

This project started as a new "scenery set" for my Pirate Orruks: I had a sort of cliched "tropical desert island" look in mind when I set out. It was going to be a ruined port town in the Realm of Beasts.

Over the months (and months and months) that have gone by since I started I have changed direction with it, so now it is part of my existing Realm of Death scenery set - a ruin in the dark forests of The Harrowmark, in Shyish. My Pirate Orruks are going to be sailing flying ships over a malignant forest (a setting that owes everything to John Blanche's recent "Voodoo Forest" illustration project).

This means a much darker and more sinister paint-job was required than I had envisaged originally - lots more washes of Athonian Camoshade and Agrax Earthshade!

It's still WIP as I still have to add the dead grass flock and leaf litter that my other "Wortbad" scenery all has but the painting is complete now.


  1. Thats lovely work man, really thematic and quite the backdrop to future conversion goodies :)

    1. Thanks Sebastian! I'm looking forward to surrounding it with forests and playing a game of AoS Skirmish over it!