Friday, 29 June 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 7

The Rustmen walked the lonely valleys and mountains of Tor Megiddo. For an aeon they were but a myth, a legend of old. They appeared in folk tales and travellers' stories, mysterious metal creatures, endlessly trying to remember tasks set for them before the Long Dark, in the age before the end.

But after the destruction of the Promethean Tower, and the expansion of the Yaike Yaike tribes' civil wars, they either grew bold or noticed the activity on the plains and went down to investigate...

The Vulture

Still very WIP but I'm pleased with how he looks so far. The base model is an Armiger Warglaive (I bought one second hand, rather than getting a box of 2!) with the skull from an Aleguzzler Gargant club as a head and armour plates made from various Ogor kits and Ironjawz Brutes backplates.

There will be quite a few Rustmen featuring in Oil And Blood as my Dunecralwer and Kastelans will also be appearing and the Vulture will get the same colour scheme them. They will all get used in games as a kind of "aggressive scenery" - I will be sharing the Necromunda rules for them in a future post.

At Alexander's suggestion I have started to make the "multi-melta style" Thermal Spear look a bit less "standard issue". I clipped off the top barrel and replaced it with the muzzle from the Onager Dunecrawler's Neutron Laser for a bit of a "combi-weapon" look. I will be adding some scrap-metal plates and wires to the body of the weapon to emphasize the broken & mended aesthetic of Tor Megiddo.


  1. Nice! Looks very feral and predatory.

    With the release of full Rules for Renegade Armigers, I've been considering converting some up to go with my Khorne stuff, which tends toward a very bio-mechanical theme. I might have to borrow some ideas from here for that if I get around to it.

    1. Thanks WestRider!
      Feral and predatory is a very good description - just what I was going for! Hopefully the grubby and rusty paint job I have planned will emphasise that too. =D