Friday, 8 June 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 13

The Night of the Comet

The portents show a star will fall from the heavens and three warbands race to collect the bounty they assume it will contain... but all is not as expected.

Battleplan (Open War cards):
Objective: The Comet
Twist: The Dead of Night
3 Players - Triumph & Treachery turn sequence

The Rotmoons: 76 Renown
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
Hammerhead - Ogor Crusher
Rockeye Fuerte - Ogor Leadbelcher Thunderfist
Bortagno and 8 Orruk Boyz
Don Snotto - Grot

The Heralds of Nagash: 76 Renown
An'sec, the Knight of Shrouds
The Whyte Lady - Soulblight Vampire
Lord Radclyffe and the riders of Ordeschal - 4 Hex Wraiths

The Gilded Hand: 70 Renown
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand, Soulchemist - Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizard
Fernando amd the Fancy Fencers - 6 Freeguild Guard
Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen - 8 Freeguild Crossbowmen
Karol's Cuirassiers - 4 Freeguild Pistoliers

Arriving at the start of Battle Round 2:

The Raidho Othalas: 45 Renown
3 Endrinriggers
3 Skywardens

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

El Doctoro and Juan Dee both looked up as some of the Rotmoons entered their makeshift study. The candles guttered in the wind until the door was once more closed. The orruk shaman muttered his annoyance and got up. He shuffled around the room relighting the candles that the wind had snuffed out, using their still-lit neighbours flames. When he was done he settled back onto his chair and picked up another bundle of papers. After leafing through them for a few minutes he picked up a quill, dipped it in ink and held it above a notebook for a few moments while he stared at the ceiling.

He started writing When he reached the end of the page he tore it out and handed the paper to Juan Dee. Dee looked it over then added his own notes and passed it back. El Doctoro considered the additions for a moment then let the page fall to the floor, among a dozen others.

Don Snotto turned to Megellun and gave him a meaningful look. Megellun nodded and whispered "They is gonna be up all night again, ain't it alike I said to you already? Scratching away and chuckin' their scraps all over."

Don Snotto whispered back "What is it they're doing?"

"Jiggered if I know mate." hissed Megellun.

"More ink! You lazy swabs, jump to it!" The grots both jumped as El Doctoro shouted at them.

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

As daylight faded the Rotmoons set off into Wortbad again, with instructions from El Doctoro of where to find the landing site of the comet that should fall from the heavens that night.

It seemed that Juan Dee and El Doctoro were not the only mystics who had predicted the starfall.

The Heralds of Nagash and the Gilded Hand were all on the move in the darkness.

Kalyustar took up a vantage point in Deathwatch Hall, overlooking the Skydock.

His Fearsome Reputation and and the Soul Steal portent combined to drain the wizened and fetid soul from the Troggoth, who fell to the ground with blank staring eyes. Even Trollumbus's mighty constitution could not knit together that kind of injury.

The Rotmoons Bold Rikk and Deestro were shot down by crossbowmen as the Gilded Hand hurried forward.

Da Leeva was charged by two crossbowmen and a pistoleer.

Rockeye the Thunderfist slammed a Hexwraith with his Leadbelcher cannon.

Another Hexwraith took on a pair of pistoleers.

The Kapit├ín killed the crossbowmen and wounded the pistoleer.

Two orruk privateers fled but the Kapitán impaled the pistoleer with his kutlass!

The Kapitán used the Sum of All Fears to make two Gilded Hand Swordsmen flee and the glimmer of light overhead turned out not to be the comet, but a Kharadron ship!

The Raidho Othalas dropped from the clouds!

Kalyustar's Fearsome Reputation combined with a portent of Precursor Wounds opened sorcerous injuries in the Kapitán's flesh.

...while Bortagno and the Ogors battled Hexwraiths.

The Endrinriggers and Skywardens swooped forward.

Another volley of crossbow fire darted through the trees.

Two pistoleers charged another Hexwraith and one of the pistoleers died.

Kapitán da Leeva got ready to charge Kalyustar but the wizard ordered his men to guard him.

The Fancy Fencers rushed through the grounds of Deathwatch Hall. So Da Leeva took another tack.

The Rotmoons charged the Skywardens and Endrinriggers, Kapit├ín da Leeva killed an Endrinrigger but the other killed the Kapit├ín by stabbing the big orruk in the back.

Tambir was pistol-whipped, Geedo was speared, Bortagno was cut down by a passing Hexwraith that then rode through the very walls of the Skydock, and galloped up to the landing platform!

The last two Rotmoons orruks, Percy Percy and Anzuelo, fled - only the Ogors were left from the privateer crew.

A huge volume of Kharadron gunfire at the Nighthaunts did nothing.

The White Lady caught up with kalyustar!

The actual comet finally landed - just outside Deathwatch Hall, right next to the crossbowmen, covering them with a shower of dirt and small bone fragments.

A Skywarden attacked the Skydock, killed the garrisoning Hexwraith and wounded the Knight of Shrouds that had joined him.

The Ogors and the Kharadron formed a hasty, and very temporary alliance.

The portent Sign of the Dead Flesh healed all the wounds the Knight of Shrouds had received as he occupied the Skydock.

The Ogors charged into the building in a cloud of blackpowder smoke.

Kalyustar used a Shield of Bones but the White Lady charged him. He used a Token of Time to heal 2 wounds then retreated! He ran back to Deathwatch Hall while a pistoleer dealt with the last Hexwraith.

A vast and sustained volley of fire was aimed at An'Sec but he shrugged it all off. The Fancy Fencers duelled with the White Lady. She killed their Piper, fed on his blood and rejuvenated herself!

Another volley of fire scattered the essence of An'Sec but the Knight of Shrouds was saved by the Ring of Immortality once more! His spirit coalesced again near Fallowsend House. The Kharadron chased him and shot him again. This time he could not reform himself and he was gone, dissipating like smoke in the wind.

Kalyustar aimed an Arcane Bolt at the White Lady.

And with that the Gilded Hand scored a Major Victory by securing the comet!

~ ­čĽ▒ ~

The next morning while nursing a mug of rum, Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva considered recent events. The Rotmoons had fought a long, and mostly unsuccessful, campaign around Wortbad and they seemed no closer to getting a ship. Their allies, Hammerhead and Rockeye the Ogors, and Bolet the Fungoid Cave Shaman, had not been a great deal of help. They had only achieved one big win on their own (and their only other win was in alliance with the Heralds of Nagash!). It may be time for desperate measures. It was time to fight fire with fire.

Viktor's side of this tale is here.


  1. What are those sneaky Orruks up to, eh? I'd trust an Orruk as far as you could throw 'im, which isn't very far at all!

    Unless you're an Ogor... Maybe they should consider an alliance of mutual business interest...

    1. I can't say just yet, as I don't want to give away too much. But the Rotmoons plan to go out with a bang ;)