Monday, 2 July 2018

Shadows of Commorragh - part 2

The Sprawls eventually give way to a network of atriums and chambers through which flow the toxic acid-green waterway known as the River Khaïdes. This polluted waterway winds around and through the outer districts of central Corespur, shrouded in subterranean darkness and wreathed in mist. Above the toxic surface of the foul river drift thin grav-craft bedecked in faded grandeur. The sorry hosts of these craft earn what little they can by hooking corpses from the Khaïdes and selling them as slave-food. These corpse-fishers often fall prey to Jetbikes and sky-chariots which streak through the air above the river at dizzying velocity, slashing apart the unfortunate victims in merciless contests of speed.
The mercenary district of Sec Maegra is found further coreward, and is more popularly known as Null City; a nation-sized shanty town constantly riven by civil war. The permanent smell of cordite hangs over the roofs of the shanties, and every few minutes fresh screams pierce the silence. The scorched streets resound with solid-shot gunfire and the crack-spit of Splinter Rifles at night, as negotiations and assassinations turn out badly. It is said that occasionally xenos mercenaries can be found stalking the streets of Null City. It is even rumoured that from time to time the most vicious of their number are called upon to serve the Kabals.
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WIP on the leader of my Wych Cult gang for the Shadows Of Commorragh campaign.
Tagazhar (Succubus)

The arms, legs and head are all from the Drukhari Wych squad kit. The body and cloak are from the Archon character kit. I had to splice the top half of the Archon's body with the lower half of a Wych body so the legs could be attached, as they have different waist joints. (I have used the opposite combination of torso parts with the leftover Archon's legs to make a Wych, so nothing got wasted!)

I didn't add the trophy wrack onto his back and greenstuffed the hole it left behind. I also added a little greenstuff to blend his waste.

I can get started on the rest of the Wych Cult gang soon as these beauties are coming out next month! The models I have been waiting for since they were announced at Warhammer Fest in May, are going to be in the next issue of White Dwarf. It feels like I've been waiting a lot longer than that....

In the meantime I have put together a few more kitbashed Drukahri.

Jaenis (a Wych)
The leftover Archon's legs and lower torso, spliced with a Wych's upper torso, and Wych head & arms. I had to angle the debris on her base as I had used the Archon's base component on my Succubus's base. I will be adding a bit of greenstuff to fill the gaps in the paving stones.

Iyskyth (a Kabalite)
Just a standard Kabalite but with a Wych's head.

Baesheque (a Lhamaean?)
Wych arms, sheathed knife and head on a Sister of Silence torso and legs.


  1. Looking nice and vicious there. The cloak from the Archon is such a great bit.