Friday, 25 August 2017

Anomaly Protocol. Mutant Mechanicus - part 6

Old Boilerplate and The Dragon stride (well, hobble) into the Sump War below Mancunius Dome with Datasmith Hagel. Ancient, rusty and broken Kastelan Robots, with many parts repaired and replaced. Hagel's charges have developed a kind of personality over the years. Even though the have no true faces they express their opinions of the orders they are given very clearly through looks and shrugs and other body language: They are insolent and moody but never quite disobedient. The Dragon is far too fond of using his incendine combustor.

The Dragon

Old Boilerplate

Anomaly Protocol. The Mutant Mechanicus warband so far:


  1. Those are brilliant!!

    Don't know if 'Boiler plate's' faceplate skull is free hand or a transfer but it is a brilliant addition!

    1. Thanks Riot!
      The skull is freehand, but it was copied from a transfer design.

    2. That is very impressive work!