Monday, 4 June 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 3

The Stranger

The Slipgibbets' heavy truck. This beast of a transport was cobbled-together from about half a dozen other vehicles. Its two engines spewed black smoke as it thundered across the rust-coloured deserts of Tor Megiddo with the Slipgibbets riding in the open-topped flatbed, hiding behind heavy steel armour plates.


The Stranger will mostly get used as narrative scenery, in the gang's deployment zone, but we might come up with other uses, such as the Convoy mission.

This was a heavily converted Ork Trukk that I ripped the Orks off and replaced the cab with a Dunecrawler hull. The slab-armoured sides are mostly made from plasticard and the double row of blades on the front is actually 4 Ork trukk rams stuck together.

So far it is just black undercoated, spot-coloured Mournfang Brown spray and zenithal basecoated Mechanicus Standard Grey (I masked the wheels and chassis before spraying as the Ork Trukk was already painted and I didn't need to repaint the underside). Its paint job will eventually be very battered and weathered, like my Mutant Mechanicus Sumpcralwer and Kastelans, with a stenciled number 8 that should just be made out on both sides.


  1. That cab fits on there surprisingly well. Nice little rattletrap for your dudes to ride around in!

    1. Thanks WestRider. Yeah, it actually looks more at home than I expected it too. I thought it would "jar" more, and I was okay with that, but it looks kinda right!