Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Shadows of Commorragh - part 8

The lowliest of ports was once an architectural masterpiece millennia ago, but the ravages of civil war have not been kind. Low Commorragh now consists of a mixture of shattered ruins and scavenged former glories. Numerous dilapidated fortress complexes and barter-ports now spread out in every direction.
~ 🝁 ~

I have decided to use 32mm bases to make my Leader and Specialists stand out from the other members of the cult in Kill Team games, so I have built 4 more Drukhari for my warband, including 2 new Specialists:

~ 🜧 ~

Ravneth (Wych Fighter)
Dark Elf Blood Bowl Player with Wych head and hands...

... a Marauder's cape and a Wizard's hood.

Bahreneq (Wych Fighter)
A Coven Throne Vampiress with Wych legs, head and arms.

Araren (one of the Parched - either a wych or an NPC)
Coven Throne Vampiress with Wych legs. She still needs a bit of greenstuff work.

Luhzatae (one of the Parched - either a wych or an NPC)
Coven Throne Vampiress with Wych legs and a Daemonette head.

~ 🜩 ~

And I have (finally!) started work on some Low Commorragh scenery. I realised that the easiest way to add curved blades to everything was to use a bits-seller and buy parts from Drukhari vehicles. I spent ages looking for 3D printed solutions and MDF things with very little success!

I'm hoping that the paint job will "sell it"... There is still lots to do on it though.


  1. The Coven Throne Vamps work amazingly well here! Bahreneq is my fave.

    More cleanup still to come, I hope? There are still some pretty blatant sprue attachment points and mold lines left.

    I'm not sure that sort of Terrain would work for High Commorragh, but I suspect it's going to look great for the seedier, more broken down parts once you get some paint on it.

    1. Thanks! I found them in a box that was set aside for another project but they just clicked for this one!

      Oh yes, they were assembled and photographed in a hurry, don't worry, I'll clean them up before undercoating them.

      I really hope so!

  2. The conversions look great. I put all my Kabalites on 32mm bases. They just fit better.