Monday, 29 October 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 19 - The Caravan

The Caravan

The Stranger rumbled slowly across the rust-red sand, over-laden with goods the Slipgibbets had stolen from a rival mutant gang's hideout. The may feared they had overreached themselves though, as even the Stanger's massively overpowered engines struggled to haul the wight over the soft sands!

The Purebred and the Ashtown Wasters had both sent a few gangers to ambush the Slipgibbet's truck when they heard about the robbery.

They gathered in the ruins as the Stranger passed.

Shots rang out, Cable ducked.

Great Father Arun, the Warleader, barked orders at Warfather Dez and Snapper the dusthound who closed in and bathed the truck in burning promethium.

The Slipgibbets returned fire: shotgun blasts echoed around the ruins.

Eshelon, the Rider and one of the Wasters moved in.

Another gout of fire from Dez engulfed the Stranger.

The Slipgibbets were forced to keep their heads down behind the improvised armour on the truck's sides.

Eshelon, the Rider galloped up to support Warfather Dez.


Oak tried to outflank the ambushers but Commander Blitzer, Leader of the Ashtown Wasters, jumped him.

The Waster's flamer joined the inferno!

Grenades were exchanged!

Hijack dealt with the dusthound with his power-pick!

And roared a challenge at Dez!

Commander Blitzer made him pay dearly for his defiance!

The Wasters made off with several arm-loads of loot!

As the Stranger shouldered them out of the way.

Dez pounced on the wounded Cable...

... and knifed him.

Flood and Penance were the only Slipgibbets left defending their truck, the others had fallen behind... or just fallen.

The Stranger rumbled out into the open sulphur flats where the ground was harder. Once there, it was able to accelerate away from the raiders and escape!


This was a brutal game - a lot of the Slipgibbets will be missing the next round! But the rewards for success made it worthwhile! The mutant band are now way ahead in terms of Reputation, with a mighty 14!


  1. A rough getaway, but you did make it out! Getting hit by those flamers while packed in the truck has to be a whole lot of not-fun. Hopefully the recovering fighters won't cost you too much in your next fight.

    Also, Duggee and Snapper seem to have some serious car-chasing instincts there!

    1. Yeah, it got really ugly... I was really lucky nobody died. There are a lot of permanent injuries! I think I'll be okay as the rewards were BIG for getting all that loot out.

      Haha! Bad doggos: In your beds!