Monday, 8 October 2018

Shadows of Commorragh - part 5

Commorragh appears within the Webway to be a composite urban centre on an impossibly vast scale, a hazy, contradictory realm whose dimensions can overawe the sanity of any who approach it. Thousands of starships dock each day at its spires, for the Dark Eldar are a far more numerous species than the Imperium of Man or even their own Craftworld kin fully suspect. The reaches of the interdimensional space around Commorragh are filled with the light-trails of spacecraft that pass between the Dark City and the Webway portals that surround it. Some of these gateways into realspace are small and dim, while those above the largest city-states of the realm are massive and can accommodate an entire pirate fleet with ease. A profusion of thorny dock-spurs juts from every spire and starscraper, holding Dark Eldar and other strangely-shaped xenos spacecraft fast in crackling violet beams of electromagnetic force.

At present, Commorragh is an almost-infinite nest of architectural impossibilities and spatial anomalies. Each of its estates has been overdeveloped to the point that their growth has been forced into the vertical plane, the various regions sprouting upwards like needle-plants fighting for sunlight. Each of the Dark City's spires and starscrapers is linked to its fellows by curved arches and gossamer-like buttresses. Its miles-tall aeries and palaces both reach upwards and downwards simultaneously, spiralling into the depths of the Webway's curved space-time. With every Terran year that passes, the hideous city seeks to spread out over more of the dimension that serves as its foundation.
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I have made a few more Drukari for my Kill Team / warband. Some are more successful than others but the ones I'm less pleased with will still serve as NPC for the campaign.

Tagather - Wych
Converted Blood Bowl Witch Elf

Laryss - Wych? NPC?
Dark Elf Corsair legs and Wych parts from my bits box. I may add some greenstuff to blend in her waist a bit.

Ozuruin - Wych? NPC?
A converted Wildwood ranger with Wych arms and (I think) a Dark Rider head.

Arzomar - Kabalite with Blaster
A standard Kabalite but with a Wych head.

Morghdrax - the new leader for my Kill Team.
Converted Tenebrael Shard (from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower) with Wych Splinter pistol and Archon sword
(I was not entirely happy with my first attempt at a Drukhari Hekatrix - I felt it was too unbalanced - so Tagazhar may now be relegated to NPC status and Morghdrax will take his place.)


  1. Morghdrax looks pretty metal, looking forwArd to seeing him painted up.

    1. Thanks Moody!
      Yeah, me too - hoping to get him done this week. =D

  2. These are really good, and give a very Dark Eldar flavor (that converted bloodbowl elf is particularly good)

    Morghdrax seems a bit flat, in that his hair, gun and sword are all in a line. Maybe you could move the husk sword so that he is swinging it down from over his head? Then it could be angled a bit, which would broaden the profile a bit.

    1. Thanks very much Lasgunpacker. I really appreciate the honest feedback.

      I know what you mean but the sword is the only strength in the wrist holding the pistol hand in place. The connection point is so tiny that it will break too easily if the sword isn't there. I actual also really like the angle to be honest, it reminds me of a cavalry sabre pose a bit!

    2. Ah I see what you mean now, and yes, it would be very difficult to pose it otherwise.

      And I do like the pose of the sword! I was thinking that he was using it like a giant dagger, leaping from above, but the saber makes sense too.

    3. Yeah, I fiddled around with a load of poses before I settled on this one. But I'm grateful for your thoughts on it! =D

  3. Ozuruin could maybe be a Beastmaster or something. I sort of get that vibe there.

    I think partly Morghdrax's sword looks awkward because it's in the left hand. If I reverse that pose, it actually feels pretty natural to me. So if he's a lefty or ambidextrous, it probably works just fine for him. And yeah, there is a cavalry sabre feel to it as well. I've got the Tenebrael Shard Model sitting around waiting to be finished right now. It's a really cool sculpt, and makes a great base Model here.

    1. A Beastmaster is a great idea! Now I need a beast! =D

      Thanks WestRider. I'm pretty sure most Wyches are ambidextrous to be honest ;-)

    2. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if Eldar in general are ambidextrous. It just seems like it would fit for them.