Friday, 12 October 2018

Shadows of Commorragh - part 6

Around Port Carmine lay the war-torn ruins known as the Sprawls. Their bleak streets play host to the Parched, cadaverous Dark Eldar that have fallen from grace and wound up on the fringes of their violent society. These wretches are drawn ravenously to a battle whenever one breaks out, vicariously experiencing the acts of extreme violence and drinking in the bloody spectacle to rejuvenate their wasted bodies. Occasionally they will drag an unfortunate soul who has been fatally wounded into the dark alleyways, where the Parched will fight one another over the scraps of the departing soul.
~ 🜃 ~

Like all his kin, Lakbyrn hides in the shadows of Low Commorragh and preys on the weak.

I have been thinking about using a few Nighthaunt models and adding Wych parts to make some of the dregs of the Drukhari underworld. I remembered I had a butchered Cairn Wraith in my bits box from an abandoned project and set to work on it. I had to cut away a lot of the Wych head, torso and hips to make it all fit inside the cloak but I'm pleased with how sinister he looks! The Wildwood Ranger open hand helps a lot as well.


  1. He is the sneakiest of villains! :D

  2. Sneak sneak sneak, stab stab stab!

    At first glance, I thought this was a Mandrake conversion*, but yeah, doing some of the Parched is a great idea. Probably just as NPCs, since, by definition, no one wants them as part of their group, but there's gotta be something interesting that can be done with them.

    Trying to fit (all or part of )one of GW's Models into something that they really should fit in usually shows painfully clearly how inconsistent they are with their scaling. Just try fitting one of the bare Cadian heads in the empty helmet that comes on their sprue, let alone drilling out a SM helmet enough to fit one of those heads!

    *Actually, now I think of it, Nighthaunt and Wych bits together could probably make some pretty cool Mandrake conversions. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  3. Yep, I love the idea of NPCs in a narrative campaign, even if all they do is sit on the sidelines they add so much verisimilitude to a game.

    To be fair, the inside of the Cairn Wraith is not /completely/ hollow ... it would be a very fragile model if it was!

    Oohh, yeah!

    1. Yeah, I know. but still. It also becomes really obvious when re-posing some Models. I can't remember which it was right at the moment, but there was something I was messing with a while back, and I realized that the only way they'd been able to get the pose they wanted (which was a perfectly reasonable and natural pose) was to make one leg significantly longer than the other.

      The more I think about doing some Mandrakes like that, the more I like it. If for no other reason than because it'll give me an excuse to buy a box of Dreadscythe Harridans or Bladegheist Revenants, both of which have bits I want for other projects ;)

    2. Mandrake rules might suit the Parched... the can appear out of the shadows...hmmm.

  4. Oh I'm liking him, the open hand adds to the figure's menacing pose wonderfully.
    I seem to recall you are going to use Kill Team rules for this adventure? It's a shame you aren't using the Necromunda ruleset as their stat line lends themselves wonderfully to RPG style shenanigans. I'm playing around with NPC house rules for Necromunda, things like attempting to persuade an NPC to divulge information or just to stop an NPC from blowing my ganger's head off using the Willpower, Intelligence & Leadership stats.

    1. We did consider using Necromunda (we are using it for Tor Megiddo and it's fantastic!) But the amount of additional work needed to convert all the codex Drukhari entries and their special rules seemed too daunting compared to Kill Team. I know what you mean though!