Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Mushloonz - part 11 - The Knights of Skrag (Addendum)

Loonboss Skragbad chuckled to himself as the orruk Brute strolled into the Dankwood as if he owned the place. He started to shout and order the resident grots and act as if he were the boss, just because he was bigger than everyone else. This was typical of an orruk as they always thought that being the biggest made you the natural boss. Skragbad knew better.

The Knights of Skrag gathered at either end of the dirt track through the shanty town and slowly closed in on the massive shouty orruk. Skragbad stepped out of a side street a few yards away from the Brute and took up to most confident and arrogant pose he could manage.

The orruk turned toward him and grinned a big toothy grin. He hefted his ragged-bladed axe and took a step toward the Loonboss. one of the Knights jumped forward and thrust his stabba into the back of the orruk's thigh. The orruk roared in indignation and swiped at the grot but he scampered out of reach. Skragbad nodded and two gitz with barbed nets pounced and threw their nets over the orruk!

The other Knights swarmed round the tangled Brute and set about him with their spiked clubs. They aimed at his calves and the backs of his thighs and brought him down to his knees. Then they aimed at his hands and face. The orruk bellowed in rage and pain as his broken fingers dropped his axe and tore ineffectually at the nets.

More gitz came out of their hovels carrying sticks and clubs and joined in the vicious beating. Soon the orruk stopped moving and even more grots appeared to take part in the "fun".

- 🍄 -

This addition the little band of stabbas known as The Knights of Skrag feels a little gamey for my usual style (when combined with the Command Ability of the Loonboss) but it's also a nice call-back to the Warhammer 4th edition Night Goblin unit: "Netters and Clubbers", so I don't feel to bad about it. 




The netters together:

I posted this photo earlier but I have included it again so you can see how simple this conversion is. The Squig Hopper rider needed a little bit of greenstuff to make the netter hands fit into his robes-sleeves. The other two are normal Moonclan Grots, they needed their heads (carefully) sliced off (and saved for another project!), and the helmeted Boingrot heads needed a trim to fit flush, but obviously their hands fitted with no work.


  1. another great set of minis!

  2. I've always like the Netters. Perfectly fitted to the Night Goblin/Moonclan theme of being sneaky treacherous bastards to make up for the fact that they're like 2 feet tall. The helmets all around are a nice touch to kick them up a notch.

    1. Thanks WestRider, that's exactly what I thought too. The fact that they are great in Skirmish is just a bonus as far as I'm concerned. 😉