Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Mushloonz - part 10 - The Knights of Skrag

The Knights of Skrag

Whooping and hollering, Loonboss Skragbad's Mushloonz armoured enforcers moved through the clearings and trails of the Dankwood making as much noise and commotion as they could; they were cowards and bullies the lot of 'em and they took great pleasure in ruining the day of everyone they met who was not bigger than them.

They shouted at the squigs in pens, they pushed about the fungus farmers and they knocked over the Brewgit's bottles of beer.

If anyone stood-up to them some of them stood back and taunted them, while the others snuck round behind them to stab them in the back. They knew that if anyone really tried anything their boss would have their back and he would sort them out. Of course if one of the Troggoths said anything to them, they would disappear faster than a Gargant can finish a barrel of beer!

- 🍄 -

Skragbad's little band of bullies and thugs were made from half the riders from a Squig Hoppers kit, with the helmeted heads for the Boingrot Bounders alternative build, that comes in the same kit, instead of hooded heads. Making them work as infantry was mostly just a case of gluing one foot onto the base, but a couple needed something to stand on to make them look right.






- 🍄 -

Fungus Farmer Maggit and Madcap Shaman Wazza, inspecting the crops and rooting out hungry squiggly beasts. (Heads of both also from the wonderful Squig Hoppers kit.)

 I love using an NPC, or two, to add a bit of flavour to a warband's backstory.

(Ugh. Now I have uploaded the photos I realise I didn't paint the tiny coins on Wazza's staff! I'll fix that tonight. )

Today's new Gitz, all together:

Edit: Fixed!

Edit 2: Next up for the Knights of Skrag: some Netters.
One is made from a Squig Hopper rider (with a little greenstuff work needed), the other two from regular Moonclan Grots. All three have Boingrot Bounders heads.


  1. Well, they look like a right bunch of mean little bastards! I like how some of them came out awkwardly, but it still works, like Leggit falling off that barrel (perhaps the full face helmet wasn't the best idea?) and whatever kind of trouble Skarpa's getting into with that mushroom. Wizza fits into a trope I've always liked, of magic users/psykers/whatever being blindfolded or otherwise not using their eyes, because they have other senses that serve them better. And Maggit, as I said in the post with the unpainted versions, is just fantastic!

    1. Thank you WestRider - I think you have hit the nail on the head with all of them, which is really pleasing! I imagined Skarpa as trying to kick-over the mushroom and missing =D

      The less said about what's going on with Itchy, the better!

      Spiteful but incompetent underlings are great fun to write about in battle reports, as it makes it easy to justify my failings as a tabletop general in the narrative! ;-)

    2. Admittedly, there isn't much of the technical detail in them, but the impression I've had from the batreps is that your greatest failing is as a dice-roller ;)

    3. That's kind of you, and while it is true, I also put together poor lists and make bad tactical decisions ;-)
      I have a lot of fun though.

    4. Having fun really is the point of the whole affair, so as long as that's happening, it's all good!