Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Grandfather Kurgan's Genestealer Cult, part 5

After reading Kill Team Focus: The Genestealer Cults article on Warhammer Community, and spotting this bit in particular:

I fancied trying to make a mutated hive ganger. The Neophyte's head needed the neck joint trimmed as the Goliaths have a very different style of joint, but I think the effort was worth while.

I went for the grey-white armour and dark blue clothes that a lot of the Eavy Metal Team's Genestealer Cults have been painted in. I was thinking about sticking to the "classic" Genestealer Cults colour scheme (purple clothes and black-grey gear) or maybe even the orange & white scheme. I eventually went with the one that looked most distinct from other things I have been painting recently, to give the gang their own identity and a unified look across what will probably be a very mixed group of models.

I'm happy with the results so I will be making a few more models at some point - yet another item on the "to do" list!

Brother Loather, Gang Leader - 3rd Generation Hybrid

His "grandfather" is here...


  1. I'm liking the muted colour scheme, not to fussy but still shows the detail. My kinda painting!

    1. Thanks!
      Yep, like most of my paint jobs these days a lot of it is just zenithal spray basecolour, drybrush and wash.

  2. Nice subtle conversion. One of the guys who can probably go out in public without too much worry of being found out.

    1. Thanks WestRider - it's a fine line between "recognisable as a GS Cultist" and "looks able to pass as a non-infected human". I wasn't sure if I'd managed to tread it!