Monday, 9 July 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 9

A bumper update this time as I had a very productive weekend!

Fist up: two new gang members for Patrol 5 (Halman Druukan’s wasteland Venator Band).

Ort - a Dustpunk Acolyte
Made from a Flagellant with a Genestealer Cults Neophyte's bolt pistol, Drukhari Wych's knife, a Skitarii head, a servo-skull (I don't know where from) and greenstuffed desert robes.

Kanth - Dustpunk Acolyte Champion 
Made from an Orlock heavy stubber ganger with a Tempestus Scion head and greenstuffed desert robes.

Patrol 5 together:


Next up is a new Champion for the Slipgibbets (techno-barbarian desert mutants):

Leech - a Mutant Champion with heavy stubber.
A Genestealer Cults Neophyte with a Chaos Forsaken head and greenstuffed fur.


The Vulture - a Rustman
Made from an Armiger Warglaive with the head replaced by the Dragon Skull from an Aleguzzler Gargant's club, most armour plates replaced by Ogor and Ironjawz Brutes armour, the top "melta" style barrel replaced with the muzzle from an Onager Dunecrawler Neutron Laser for a bit of a "combi-weapon" look.

The Vulture with the Dragon and Old Boilerplate....

...and the Sumpcrawler. 

There will be quite a few Rustmen featuring in Oil And Blood as my Dunecralwer and Kastelans will also be appearing. They will all get used in games as a kind of "aggressive scenery" - I will be sharing the Necromunda rules for them in a future post.

+++ Run Johann! Run! +++


Inspired by Ana's beautiful Gardens of Hecate playing cards I've made a handful of (more post-apocalyptic!) tarot/playing cards for Tor Megiddo.

They will have no in-game purpose but I really like atmospheric off-table stuff (plus the original Tor Megiddo and the Rhossum Secundus games had similarly styled cards for turn-priority, and special powers, which I also made).

#Diceporn - the Van Saar Necromunda dice are the ones I plan to use for the Oil and Blood: Tor Megiddo campaign. They are just lovely, and have a bit of an oil/petrol/smoke look to them, so they feel right for Tor Megiddo.


  1. GREAT stuff!!

    Love the term 'Dustpunk'.

    1. Thanks Riot!
      I didn't invent the term - I think I found it on Pinterest!

  2. Very nice!
    I wish I could knock that amount of work out in a weekend.
    The Van Saar dice fit in well with your theme, with that in, mind can I ask what rule-set are you using for the Armiger and stompy robots?

    1. Thanks Castigator! Don't be too envious - none of this stuff (bar the tarot cards) was started this weekend, just finished between Friday night and Sunday night. I've been picking away at painting all of them for a while now! ;-)

      We are using the new Necromunda rules for Tor Megiddo. The Rustmen are going to be "aggressive scenery". I will be publishing a post about the rules for them soon, but the short version is that they use the profile of Luther Pattern Excavation Automata (in Gang War 3) with either 6 Wounds (for up to Kastelan sized models) or 12 Wounds (for Armiger sized or larger models). There will be a D6 "behaviour table" to decide how they act in each game.

    2. Cool.
      I look forward to seeing this then as I'm completely hooked on 'Munda and I'm looking for ways to incorporate more narrative elements into my games.
      I'm a big fan of NPC's in gaming, just last week my Escher went on a 'Monster Hunt' alongside the Goliaths. We quickly discovered how brutal the scenario was and despite declaring a truce in an attempt to rid ourselves of the monster, it proved to be a bloodbath. Phrases such as "If it bleeds, we can kill it." "It's game over, man." and the classic "I say we take off and Nuke it from's the only way to be sure" were heard amongst the gales of laughter as juves got eaten and champions legged it as soon as they saw it.
      We're waiting for the Ambot model to be released before we include them, but that's a great idea to use them as a framework for more exotic NPC's :D

    3. We will probably do a Monster Hunt with a Rustman as the monster!
      I'm excited to get going with new Necromunda as well. August can't come soon enough!

  3. Wow! Where to even start? The Vulture looks absolutely amazing with paint on. Certain to be a real terror of the wastes.

    Kanth is great, such a solid lumbering "laying down covering fire" look to him, and the Tempestus head fits in wonderfully.

    Leech seems to be going more for the "taking potshots from behind this corner" thing. Again, a good sense of action from the pose. Also, I still have no idea why the Forsaken kit was discontinued, but those awful Finecast Chosen are still around.

    1. Thanks WestRider!
      I love your descriptions of the Heavy Stubber guys - they totally match how I was imagining them and fit-in with their respective gangs' characters!

  4. Here comes the ideas vampire in me again - I'd been struggling to find a use for some old Orlocks that I turned up in my parents garage, and the modifying of them had gone so wrong that one even ended up in the bloody bin!

    After seeing how well the Scion's head went onto that Heavy, I've got renewed hope of making something workable out of them again.

    1. Thanks! The greenstuff hood hides the badly-hacked join ;)