Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 8

Bookworm - an Ogryn Servitor in desert gear, with a heavy duty industrial gas-mask, scrap-metal armour and a wind-blown cloak made from the skin of some strange reptile.


At some point in the Oil and Blood: Tor Megiddo campaign I hope that the Slipgibbets are successful enough to be able to recruit an Ogryn Servitor! Otherwise he may be relegated to being an NPC...

Bookworm is based on an Age of Sigmar Ogor, his gasmask is made from an Armiger faceplate, his belly armour is from an Ork vehicle kit, the pipes and cables are from Space Marine Devastator weapons and his cape is made from a cut-up and greenstuffed banner. His left hand is the "power fist" from the Orlock gang.

I've just noticed a gap at the top of his cape! I will get that fixed before I undercoat him!

Edit: fixed!

Viktor has started posting about his warband for Oil and Blood here!


  1. He looks pretty awesome, but you left out the most important detail: Where did the bird come from?

    1. Thanks WestRider!
      The bird is from the same place as the arm it's sitting on (its feet are even part of the arm sculpt!) - the Beastclaw Raiders Stonehorn / Thundertusk kit. =D

    2. Thanks! They're a range I never really took a close look at. I've got a project that would be perfect for, tho.