Friday, 20 July 2018

Grandfather Kurgan's Genestealer Cult, part 7

Crawling out from the cold, polluted corners of the Mancunius Dome underworld come the Order of the Guardian.

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I have added another two models to the growing cult: Thokon and Gevik. They are both Genestealer-infected gangers that I will use as Autogun-armed Neophytes in Kill Team. For now I am focusing on adding models that have a chance of being included in a table-top force. My interest in them is less than the "behind the scenes" members of the cult but I'm worried about not being able to use them in a game without the more "fighty" cult members to carry to action part of the story.

Brother Thokon - House Goliath owns and operates many of the great foundries of Necromunda and its workers are the masters of the furnace - the cult has infiltrated in small numbers to gain access to materials and equipment.

Brother Gevik - House Orlock is known throughout Necromunda as the ‘House of Iron’, an industrial superpower fuelled by countless ore mines and a stranglehold monopoly of the convoys serving the ferrous slag-heaps that lie out in the Ash Wastes. The cult has started to reach beyond the mines and slowly creeps into the convoy crews.

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I have 2 Acolyte Hybrids on my painting desk that are undercoated and zenithal base-coated, so they will be the next additions. I have also found a few left over Neophyte torsos (I already used their legs on other projects!) that I will try to splice with legs from other kits. And I have plans to make one or two Genestealer-infected Escher gangers for this group.


  1. Just some basic grunts, but still, looking good. I really like the variety you're creating here, both in terms of how mutated each particular Model is and in terms of showing how far their infiltration of Underhive society has progressed.

    1. Thanks WestRider!
      I made the infected gangers after reading the suggestion on the Warhammer Community site, the background for them came afterwards (as is often the case!). But I love the idea that a few models can describe so much. I'm having a lot fun making this Kill Team! =D