Friday, 24 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 9: Game 3

Many Paths to Victory

Open War Cards:
Objective - The Prize
Twist - Many Paths to Victory (additional Objective - Drawn & Quartered)
Ruse (The Dust Hogz had a lower Power Level by 1) - Ambush

Malfactus Card - Psychic Boon


Warboss Throttle’s Krooser, The Dogtoof, plunged into into the Warp and followed the Plagueship from Imera to Hathara - a Mining World with trade contracts to supply minerals to New Drekport. The rocky world was only lightly populated as the mineral deposits had run dry about 20 years hence, so there was no one monitoring the skies, no one to notice the ships appear.


Warboss Throttle took Woz and his Boyz, and Warphead Ghizzud with him as he telly-porta'd to the surface of Hathara. They caught up with the Plague Marines in a run-down mineral processing plant. The Plague Marines were looking for a codes & cypher unit for New Drekport's commodity trade systems - an encrypted Comms unit that could decode the Nav data they captured in the recent skirmish in the jungles of Imera.

As a secondary objective both warbands wanted to take control of the processor to salvage the machinery there. The four key areas to control were the furnace:

Fuel dump alpha:

Fuel dump beta:

The control panel:

The Boyz were Jumped into the central plaza, to the shock and surprise of the local population!

Throttle took fuel dump alpha and Ghizzud took the furnace.

The Warphead saw that the Boyz would have trouble taking the Comms unit from the Plague Marines...

So before a shot was fired he moved them using his power Da Jump and chuckled to himself that he was already the most valuable and effective member of his new-found warband.

Woz and the Boyz closed in on the control panel.

But reality shifted as the Marine's ancient teleport device placed the Lord of Contagion with pin-point accuracy, exactly where they were heading.

Ghizzud focused his powers (amplified by the Malfactus Rift's effects) and blasted the Plague Marines with devastating arcs of corruscating green Waaagh! energy.

When the smoke cleared...

...there were no survivors.

Buoyed by the Warhead's evident power Woz and the Boyz charged the Lord of Contagion, all guns blazing, and came very close to killing him!

The miners fled!

The Boyz were slaughtered!

Ghizzud Jumped from the furnace to the Comms unit, feeling very pleased with himself that he had achieved so much is a very short time!

Warboss Throttle laughed long and deep as Pustifer Lungbane hailed his ship and ordered them to teleport him away, leaving him and Ghizzud in control of the processing plant.


The Orks scored both The Prize and Drawn & Quartered (4-2) and won the battle!


  1. A whole squad wiped by one power?! Eek!

    1. Smite! 5 Mortal wounds as I rolled high enough for the super-powered version. I had good dice today. David... not so much. ;)

  2. Another excellent read!
    I'm really enjoying your Malfactus Rift saga, 8th edition 40k isn't doing much for me these days, but these small skirmishes are right up my street.
    Keep up the good work ;-)

    1. Thanks Castigator! The best thing about 8th is how well it scales up and down and is still a fun, characterful game.

    2. I think it scales down pretty well, but at 2000pt tournament level I think it's the most boring version of 40k ever ;-)

    3. I never play tournaments, or points. But I'm still surprised to hear that!