Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 6: Game 1

Carnage in the jungles of Imeria

The equatorial jungles of Imera are home to all kinds of deadly fauna, from swarms of tiny Borebeetles, able to flay a man alive in minutes, through packs of Sliterfangs, hyper-aggressive rat-snake hybrids, to the dreaded Imerian Tiger, the tank-sized felid at the top of the food chain. Deep in the jungles, Arch-preacher Lodovic founded a hermitage to atone for his failure to convert the local tribes to the Imperial faith. For centuries, the Ministorum has sent failing Priest to Imera to ponder about their lack of devotion. However, since the opening of the Malfactus Rift, no word has been received from the Sanctuarium Lodovicum.


The Dust Hogz tellyporta'd down to the surface of Imeria, near a weak signal from some kind of data relay. They were convinced this would be "the old map", as they called it: a navigational datafile from before the Cicatrix Maledictum ripped the galaxy in two. They knew it would be out of date, as all Imperial warp-routes in the area of the Malfactus Rift were either blocked or shifted by unpredictable warp storms, but the locations of key systems in the New Drekport subsector would be unchanged. It was their key to unlocking the plunder of the region!


Warboss Throttle and his retinue closed in on the ruin, and the source of the signal, only to find two other warbands already there and already blazing away at each other!

So the Dust Hogz joined in: They all fired everything they had into the firefight. They were fairly indifferent to the fact they weren't hitting anything but they were enjoying yelling and spraying bullets in the general direction of the fight.

Lord of the Virulent Miasma, Pustifer Lungbane closed on the ruins and the broken but still functioning datapost.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Quintus Severus sent his Combat Servitor forward into the teeth of the Death Guard's gunfire. The Servitor shrugged off everything they had and not only returned fire, he charged!

Quintus leapt into the fight and almost singlehandedly destroyed the Death Guard squad!

While the Death Guard and Ordo Malleus threw everything they had at one another, the Orks poured more fire into the melee and strolled into the ruins.

Eventually they realised they were unable to hit anything, and they resigned themselves to nabbing the loot and escaping without casualties! Throttle would have liked at least a few shots to have found their mark but at least they didn't head back to their ship empty handed.


Warboss Throttle stood on the darkened bridge of the Dogtoof and looked at his crew of Meks. Streams of symbols scrolled across the green-on-green monitor screens behind them.

"So nuffink? It's no use at all?" he said. They looked nervous but collectively shook their heads. The Warboss growled and ground his teeth, then sighed and said "Zoggit. So what else 'ave we got? Where do we look next?"

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