Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 8

I shared Warphead Ghizzud earlier this month:

And I have mentioned that we are using some of the rules for Battlezone: Psychic Maelstrom to show the effects of exploring so close to the Malfactus Rift: Everyone has been told that if they bring a psyker they have to bring a Spawn model too, just in case. So here is my contribution, the spawn-form of Warphead Ghizzud:

Bits list: A Crypt Horror, 2 Ork Nobz heads spliced together (top half cut just above the bottom teeth, bottom half cut just below the top teeth - greenstuff over the join, and greenstuffed "evil eye"), a Herald of Tzeentch daemon "tentacle thing" for the tongue, some greenstuff furs and some assorted bits box extras from things like Kroot, Chaos Marauders, Ork Boyz, Nobz and Killa Kans...

Edit: Ghizzud and his spawn-form together:


  1. Brilliant! The tongue texture is something else. :)

    1. Thanks Rob! The texture is entirely down to the zenithal spray base coat ;)

  2. Excellent! Both the Model and the idea that led to it.

  3. He's cracking. He does make me instantly think: "Go and get him, Grassman!"