Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 5

Warphead Ghizzud was a member of a Snakebite clan until he Jumped a whole warband into a nest of angry dino-squigs. He was the only survivor and the rest of his tribe made it clear they didn't want him around anymore. He was exiled when the rest of the clan made planetfall to join Waaagh! Bork he was set adrift alone in a space hulk.

The hulk slipped into the empyrean again and he was carried on the tides of the warp to the Ghoul Stars where he was found by the Dust Hogz when they boarded the hulk. He was... changed somewhat by the journey, but Warboss Throttle saw how powerful he was and made it clear that he was now part of the crew.


  1. Another brilliant effort man.

  2. And the warband expands. Nice backstory.

    1. Thanks Merijn! I think I have to call a halt to adding to it for now. I have NPCs for the campaign to make after all...