Friday, 17 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 7: Game 2

SECURE THE NAVIGATIONAL DATA (Triumph & Treachery: "Centre Ground" from Age of Sigmar General's Handbook 2017)
Signals from another nav-comm relay on Imeria have been intercepted. They appear corrupted, but perhaps an uncorrupted data template can be retrieved from the cogitator.


My Secret Objective at the start of the game was "Counter Attack":

The Malfactus Card drawn for the start of the game was Psychic Boon (at the end of each turn 2 dice are rolled: the first is the score that the second needs to beat for another card to be drawn).


Buzzing insects plagued them as they struggled through the dense jungle. The Dust Hogz followed the low beeping of Draktor's skanner and closed in on another possible site for "the old map". But as usual they were not the first on site.

After a tense but brief negotiation the Dust Hogz and Inquisitor Quintus agreed a shaky alliance, as neither warband liked the idea of catching of Nurgle's Rot, and they both fired on the "Grandfather's Seeds of Putrefaction" warband as soon as they could.

Balthasar Tirpitz, the Inquisitor's Gunfighter-Acolyte, captured the central objective, but Dexter, the Plasma Gunner Acolyte, died when his weapon overheated.

The Plague Marines returned fire in a very focused effort at the Inquisitor's Combat Servitor and (eventually!) brought it down.

Warboss Throttle and the Nobz blazed away at the Plague Marines and hit their targets a surprising number of times. But the Death Guard's Disgusting Resilience kept them in the fight.


The Malfactus Rift rippled and changed... the Psychic Boon faded and an Empyric Shield manifested.

The ork's Treachery Points started to mount up!

After the Lord of Contagion Pustifer Lungbane materialised between the objective and the Inquisitor and Confessor Tull, the Ministorum Priest, charged him and Tull was cut down by Lungbane's Plague Reaper. He then charged Quintus and smashed the armoured Inquisitor to the ground.

The Orks blasted away at the Plague Marines again with Kustom Shootas and Sluggas, and downed one of them.

Warboss Throttle charged the Death Guard but both he and them were distracted watching the Lords battle each other.

Only Balthasar Tirpitz remained of the Inquisitor's retinues and he fled.


The Death Guard's Secret Objective was "Topple".

The Inquisitor's Secret Objective was "Pick on the Weak".

All three warbands achieved their objectives in the final turn. The Victory Points totals were:

Orks: 2VP
Death Guard: 7VP
Inquisitor: 3VP

The Seeds of Putrefaction won the game!


  1. What a great narrative lead game system.

    1. Thanks Riot - it was such a fun game! (But I want to play more Triumph & Treachery Age of Sigmar now....!)