Friday, 28 April 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 6 "Supply Drop"

Evidence of the Guardian's activity in Mancunius Dome had been collected and placed in Broken Dock, near the Mancunius Sludge Canal. Unfortunately both Lenk and Quintus found out and both led their warbands to Broken Dock to try to retrieve the evidence before their rival could.

Lenk and the Sumptreaders advanced at the run, quickly checking three possible locations for the data. None were productive and they were quickly dismissed as unhelpful.

Quintus and his retinue gathered in the supply dump after dismissing two other possible drop sites. Only one remained - an ancient data-lectern with barely any power remaining. The screens glowed only dimly and there was a chance it's power would fail entirely before the evidence could be extracted!

Lenk, Munzo, Fishgutter, Lansen and Waldo regrouped and got ready to attack en-masse.

The Rogue Trader and Wyrd moved aggressively towards Hopper.

Quintus and his closest companions started to extract the documentary evidence of the Guardian's activity from the data-lectern as Lenk got his followers into position to attack.

Lenk and his small group charged!

Hopper blasted the Rogue Trader and Wyrd who had broken away from Quintus towards him and took them both down.

Quintus challenged Lenk to single combat, Lenk wounded Quintus but the Power Armoured Inquisitor struck him down with his Power Maul.

The rest of Lenk's band charged but Quintus and the Combat Servitor dealt with them easily, and fell back in good order into the gloom of the underhive, having achieved their goal and won a crushing victory!


Viktor was already winning on VP 6:2 when the last of my warband was killed giving him an instant win. Next week is the campaign finale!


  1. Finally got a moment to read the report - campaign finale? Argh - is that forcing you to choose between Lenk and a final fight?

    1. We played the finale today (report and photos soon!) so I won't spoil the result, but the scenario is a rescue mission!