Thursday, 8 November 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 21 - Hidden Cargo

Hidden Cargo

In the settlement known as Drywaters, three gangs converged on a number of abandoned caches of archeotech. There were rumours that a Colossus had been sighted dumping cargo overboard in the shantytown and word had spread fast. The Slipgibbets were not about to miss out.


Hijack, Leech, Cable, Penance and Atlas went into Drywaters looking for the stash of loot. There were loads of bits of junk dropped from the Colossus but only one of them was valuable.

Absent ran ahead of the group and claimed drop site VI.

The Ashtown Wasters headed in from the other side of town.

And the Purebred appeared from behind a refinery outlet and claimed drop site III.

Jax fired at Commander Blitzer. Jo Pyro returned the favour, and ran in with gouts of flame bathing the Rider in burning promethium.

Leech opened up with his Heavy Stubber and wounded Warfather Jax of the Purebred.

The Purebred claimed drop site VII.

The Rider was serious injured (and somewhat cooked).

Commander Blitzer claimed drop site III, wresting control from the Purebred.

Cable and Penance claimed drop site II. 

Absent crept forward into a firing position that overlooked the open area ahead of the Slipgibbets.

Duggee bounded through the ruined refinery, excitedly looking for prey.

Cable and Penance spotted him and chose to withdraw quitely.

Cable started climbing.

Leech fired at Yash and seriously injured him.

As Great Father Arun crawled away Atlas claimed drop site VII.

Penance claimed drop site I while Hijack sprinted ahead. The Ashtown Wasters suffered a few more casualties from Purebred gunfire than they were happy with so they fled the town!

Great Father Arun pinned Atlas by lobbing a grenade at him. 

Yash bled-out and Joe Pyro succumbed to his many wounds.


The fates chose the Purebred as the victors this day, just as the Tor Megiddo tarot had predicted!


This was a three-player game. Each of us took a different counter (skull beads, purple crystals and blue discs) to mark who controlled each objective - control was taken by moving a model into contact with an objective when there were no models from another gang in contact. At the end of the game I had control of four objectives, Ade had none and Viktor had one. We drew a tarot card to find out which objective was the site of the loot ... and it was drop site IV - the one Viktor controlled!


  1. Argh! Man, scenarios like that can be so frustrating. At least your dudes didn't get thrashed so much as in the last couple of fights.

    Also, thanks for the addition coverage of Duggee :D

    1. Yeah, I was bouncing around, thinking I had a win all sewn up. But the fates look unkindly on overconfidence! >D

      Yeah, I avoided the fire-breathing terror as much as I could, but I know the scaly old bag-of-teeth is popular! ;-)

  2. Another great report!
    I like the idea of the tarot deciding which objective was the important one, so much more flavourful than rolling a dice and it adds wonderfully to the narrative.....I might have to steal that idea ;-)
    One of the things I like about 'Munda is that it practically begs people to think outside of the box and add their own little twists to the game. I've started to use cards to introduce NPCs such as Underhive Gribblies or as a reward for winning a scenario or completing an objective. Reading your reports always gives me ideas for my own games, so I hope you have a change of heart and continue with your Turf War ;-)

    1. Thanks Castigator! Yeah, the cards were made with no particular purpose in mind but I knew we would use them for something. Steal away!

      I'm sorry to say that there is only one game of this Turf War left. Some of the players are unavailable for the rest of the year (change of jobs, family stuff, etc.) so it would not be the same without them. We are going to play some random Kill Team games and then in the New Year we have an Age of Sigmar Malign Sorcery Skirmish ready to go.

      We will be returning to Tor Megiddo later though, I guarantee it! =D

  3. Been following this one with interest. Great stuff!