Thursday, 8 November 2018

Shadows of Commorragh - part 10

This is my first real colour test for Low Commorragh scenery (I'm going to be repainting the small backdrop vignette I made to fit the "final" look of the boards). The green part is an Incubi Darkness base coat, drybrushed with Kabalite Green, then Sybarite Green and then a Sybarite/white mix. I'm aiming for a Shadespire colour palette, so the board will be a range of black-grey-green-blue-white areas. I might wash the base, part green, part black. Then drybrush up some areas to a lighter shade of grey (like the area not under the tree).

The images below are with a second test piece of ruins but the backdrop effects the overall colour balance of the photos and makes them look different to the way they look in real life.

The peace below is mostly made from a LotR Ruins of Osgiliath kit, but it isn't finished yet. I still have to paint the chains and other metallics.

My plan for the Low Commorragh scenery (I'm making two 22"x30" Kill Team sized boards) is to make two distinct levels: Ancient ruins on the lower level and more Aeldari styled (and less ruined) platforms above them. I have commissioned some 3D printed Webway Gate components and I plan on getting some laser-cut MDF elements for the upper levels. I will be adding to the MDF though as generally they look a bit to "plain" for my taste.


  1. Looking good so far! I was thinking of doing something with plasticard cut-outs similar to what you've done on the base there, and this just convinced me to go for it!

    Not sure how I feel about the tree, tho. I don't actually know, one way or another, but I've never pictured vegetation of any sort in Commorragh, beyond perhaps patches of mold or moss or something like that.

    1. Thanks! The plasticard shapes on the base were fairly crudely cut out with scissors! My wife has just bought a Cricut though, the the full "production" versions on the boards should be a lot better!

      I know what you mean but a) dead trees in ruins has the right "vibe" for me, and b) I don't want to waste the Eldritch Ruins that I got with Slicing Noose: There's no way to separate the Venomgorse trees from them. I won't be buying any more, but the two I have will get to infest the ruined undercity. ;-)

    2. I don't dislike the tree. Like I said, it's something I've never thought of, and I really don't know if I like the idea or not. It does look good, in and of itself, tho.

    3. I think once I have a half-dozen other bits of ruins to mix them in with they will seem less out of place. ;-)