Friday, 28 September 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 16 - Rottingham Dustup

It was a nice waterhole they had,
Alarm not at the sound of my voice,
What they had was nearly clean,
Observe my new weapon, the one of my choice, 
Be careful, we don't know them,
But I'm gonna hold my scene.


Downtown Dustup

The Slipgibbets rolled into Rottingham with the spoils of their last fight, spirits high and swaggering. A few of the Ashtown Wasters were there ahead of them, as were a dozen locals going about their normal business.

The Waster know as Thunderous Beggar took watch from the roof of Blockhaus Alpha.

Duggee the lizard-beast took a drink from the less-than clean "fountain".

Commander Blitzer was making a trade with one of the local merchants - purchasing stimms probably.

The lizard-thing attacked Atlas! The vicious creature took the mutant out with it's savage maw after an extended fight!

Duggee retreated into the shadows beneath the walkway to gnaw on a bit of Atlas's gear.

Absent crept up behind Commander Blitzer and took a shot at him!

Blitzer was having none of that and charged Absent, the giant smashed the desert mutant with his massive hammer and sent him flying.

Kastorax and Cobalt  snuck through the back streets of the shanty town.

Kastorax watched Blizter flatten Absent and seethed.

Leech blazed away at Beggar and took him out in a hail of heavy stubber bullets.

Commander Blitzer scaled the ladder and charged at Leech, but the Slipgibbets champion heard him and turned at the last moment - blasting the giant with his stubber. Kastoax silently climbed the ladder behind Blitzer and electrocuted him with jabbing the back of his head with his shock stave, just as the huge gang leader got to his feet!

Duggee went on a rampage and mauled three more locals!


The Slipgibbets gained a huge hall from this encounter. Kastorax got +3XP, the other 4 who fought all got +1XP. The gang climbed to Reputation 8 (from 3) and raked in a mighty 130 guilder credits!


  1. I know this is your blog and all, so I should be rooting for you, but Duggee just steals the show every time. Poor thing must have been so hungry to take a chomp out of Atlas like that!

    1. Everyone loves Duggee. He's so cute and adorable. Look at his little eyes and his sharp teeth and his... Aaaaaaagahghg! Make it stop! Get it off me! Get it off me!!