Thursday, 20 September 2018

Oil and Blood, Tor Megiddo - part 15 - After the Storm

After the Storm

When the Red Wind had subsided again for another year, the Yaike Yaike tribes met at the Great Gathering out on the Scorched Plain. Tradition required they left their weapons outside and the tech-witches and war-leaders went through the ritual greetings and started to renew alliances, to trade, and to confirm possession of territories and resources.

Then the time came to discuss The Promethean Tower in the Valley of Defilement, that had been destroyed in a huge explosion after a battle between a large number of tribes the previous year, before the Red Wind had come. None could agree which tribe should take possession of the Valley and the tech-witches and war-leaders fell to arguing. Prohibited hidden weapons were drawn and blood flowed.

The fighting quickly spread beyond the Great Gathering itself to the followers and caravans that accompanied the leaders. The from there to the outposts and settlements across the Barrens. Soon the Yaike Yaike tribes descended into all out civil war!


The Slipgibbets truck rumbled into the edge of Remorsehold, a small settlement in the ruins of a refinery. Kastorax, Flood, Cable and Cobalt dismounted and looked around cautiously.

Something was moving not far away.

The Purebred were already in Remorsehold!

A Purebred warfather watched the truck through the sites of his heavy stubber, but a Rustman blocked his view of the hated mutants.

Cable covered the Slipgibbets as Kastorax led Flood and Cobalt toward the settlement.

Purebreds Yash the Blemished and Eshelon the Rider were searching one of the shanty dwellings.

Eshelon and his mutant steed galloped up alongside the cold furnace.

Eshelon blasted Kastorax and the tech-witch fell.

Flood returned fire and downed Eshelon.

Cable moved up, firing his grenade launcher through the supports at Larg.

Yash blasted Flood with his laspistol.

Cable fired at Eshelon, this time hitting his mark more through luck than judgment or skill!

Kastorax looked down on Yash as the Purebred fell back from the fight, and chuckled to himself.


Meanwhile, in another part of the desert... the Stash Riders and the Ashtown Wasters met at Final Falls.


  1. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Dyin' time's here."

    Well, that sounded like a right mess of a scrap! Looked fantastic from here, tho. Everyone's dudes and rigs are great, and fit in so well with the table.

    Where'd the dinosaur come from? Was it part of someone's band, or just attracted by all the noise?

    1. Thanks WestRider! It was a blast. A great intro to N17 for me as well.
      The dinosaur is a Rustman. It was inert in this game but he (and his friends) will feature as "agressive scenery" in future games in the campaign!

    2. I just realised you meant the ACTUAL dinosaur, not the robot with a dragon skull head! The is Duggee. He is part of the Ashtown Wasters gang! 😂😂😂

    3. Yeah, the actual one, in the last pic there. I thought it might have been, because the basing matched the Wasters, but I wasn't sure.

  2. Very atmospheric, excellent stuff!
    Did the vehicles just play a cameo role or did they contribute to the firepower?
    One of the things I enjoy about 'Munda is the relatively (to 40k) weak weapons and stats that lead to a more narrative and strategic game, so I'm intrigued to see what kind of impact they have in N17.

    1. Thanks! The vehicles are just scenery for now. We may try to come up with rules for more active involvement later though.

  3. Awesome photos of beautiful minis, I like that texture you gave the boards.